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Peter Aerts is back in the game!?

Aerts and Saki will fight for another chance at the crown. Fans of the Dutch Lumberjack were heartbroken when at the Final 16 last month, Peter Aerts lost the decision to upstart MMA fighter Alistair Overeem. As a result the fight card for the WGP is as announced previously: Ruslan Karaev vs. Badr Hari, Alistair Overeem vs. Ewerton Teixeira, Jerome Le Banner vs. Semmy Schilt, Errol Zimmerman vs. Remy Bonjasky

Several things could happen in the Final. Remy could win his fourth WGP title, Badr's could herald a new era of young fighters, Schilt could finally win back the respect he deserves... It's just too much drama for one ring! But there's more! Tanikawa released the following Opening,

Reserve and SuperFight cards:

[Reserve 1] Peter Aerts vs. Gokhan Saki

[Reserve 2] Daniel Ghita vs. Chalid "Die Faust"

[Super Fight] Kyotaro vs. Tyrone Spong

[Opening Fight] Jan Soukup vs. Tsutomu Takahagi

[Opening Fight] Keiichi Samukawa vs. Ryuji Kajiwara

The first reserve match, Aerts vs. Saki, gives fans another chance to root for Peter who if he beats Saki could stage another miracle comeback like in 2006. Saki, whose injury against Pavel Zuravliov prevented him from making it to the Final, now has another chance to make things right.

Ghita vs. Chalid, Kyotaro vs. Spong

In the second reserve match, Daniel Ghita returns after a year to fight one of K-1's best-looking fighters and a fightfan fave, Chalid "die Faust". It promises to be an exciting match. The Superfight match between Japanese top-fighter Kyotaro and Tyrone Spong also looks to be a thrilling matchup as both fighters have plenty to prove. Kyotaro needs to show Japan that he can be Japan's star fighter post-Musashi. Spong returns to the K-1 ring after getting knocked out by Saki in March. Neither fighter can afford to lose this match.

Kyokushin Karate's Jan Soukoup will face Team Dragon's Tsutomu Takahagi in the first Opening Fight, while 60kg fighters Keiichi Samukawa and Ryuji Kajiwara fill out the second opening bout. Expect the show to start with a bang when these young warriors enter the ring.

With an explosive set of cards to back up an already highly-anticipated tournament, Yokohama Arena is the place to be on fight night December 5th! Tickets are on sale now!!

In other WGP Final news, the trailer for the event is up! Stop by the YouTube K-1 Channel for the trailer, interviews and more!!




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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-11 at: 02:47
I wonder why they gave a spot in the reserve fight to Chalid die Faust? I mean, it's OK by me, I like the guy and his fighting style ... but what did he do this year to deserve this?
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-11 at: 03:02
@D-rop He was supposed to fight in that mini tournament for the HW title, so I think they are making up to him by giving him another chance to qualify for WGP. I'm totally OK with that decision
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-11 at: 03:05
I'm OK with Faust, but I think he got in because of Golden Glory's influence, which BTW definitely deserves - 4 out of best 8 fighters.
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