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Long live King Petrosyan! His first challenge as World Champion? Defeat Masato!!

Italian fighting machine Giorgio "The Doctor" Petrosyan conquered the MAX Final tournament on Oct. 26th, and won the highly-sought after World MAX 2009 Championship crown. In the follow-up press conference, Petrosyan and K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa talked about the tournament and the challenge from Masato.

Petrosyan emerges unscathed (?)

With a smile that belies the tremendous force with which he put away his opponents, Petrosyan showed the gathered press that he was in great shape and survived his victory with almost no damage. He did have a bandage on his right hand from when he fed Yuya Yamamoto to the canvas god. He hasn't had the hand looked at yet, but doctors say there is a possibility of a fracture.

Tani EP a Petrovian!?

Even with the injury, Petrosyan says he'll okay in time for the Masato fight on New Year's Eve at the Dynamite!! show. Seeing that he beat former champ Souwer and went on to win the whole shebang soon after he took the damage, it's probably more than just big talk - this Italian fighter can walk the walk as well. He was later witnessed dancing at the after-party. K-1 Producer Tanikawa, who up until the tournament was openly against Petrosyan becoming a champion, was highly impressed with the new champion's performance and went on record saying that he was now a fan. With the spectacular win on the 26th and the upcoming match with Masato, it is likely the ranks of Petrosyan fans (or Petrovians) will swell with new recruits. Next year's MAX might be facing some tough challenges, but with this powerful new king, the middleweight series is ready to be led into a new and even more exciting era.

Source: http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2009/1028_max_01.html



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