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A Huge Fight after Beating KRAUS + Interview with PETROSYAN

Source:K-1 OFFICIAL Site:

A huge fight after beating Kraus.

At the last MAX World FINAL8, Petrosyan defeated Albert Kraus on points, but after the match his staff witnessed a very unexpected scene. It was a vehement argument with Kraus and Kraus' second in the dressing rooms.

They were fighting about the lack of aggression in the bout. They began to tussle, and Kraus scream at him, "So come on! Show some now!"

Even other seconds watching the Italian's fight can not predict Petrosyan's movement. This symbolizes his hidden talent..


-- So you are in FINAL 4.
Petrosyan : Tres bien! Nothing can be more wonderful than that. The match was high level, and Masato's bout was really grand too. I satisfied my fans, I think.. I was happy to defeat Kraus, and am hoping to have a nice match in the semi final.
-- You must be confident now, after defeating one of the previous MAX Champions.
Petrosyan : Masato, Souwer, Buakaw and Kraus have been the champion before. But this year, I'm going to be a champion.
-- You sound very confident. What did you think of Kraus?
Petrosyan : I think he is one of those fighters who keeps his routine combinations, but he couldn't do anything against me. That is all.
-- Why didn't Kraus's punch land?
Petrosyan : Because my trainer has taught me how to dodge any attack by using my head.
-- But everyone can do it, can't they?
Petrosyan : I don't know why... when I observe other fighters, most of them have the same style. Maybe the way I train is different from them, but I just fight my own way.
-- I think Yamamoto is one of those fighters.
Petrosyan : Yamamoto is also aggressive. So I will be ready for the fight, and be perfectly prepared.
I think Buakaw will win

-- Is it easy to fight with an aggressive fighter?
Petrosyan : There's no one that is easy to fight, but I like Yamamoto's style.
-- Did you watch his match?
Petrosyan : Just a little. I couldn't watch it deeply, because mine was after his.
-- Yamamoto has a very strong fighting spirit. How can you cope with that?
Petrosyan : I don't dwell on it before a fight. I start seeing things after actually being in the ring. I make decisions in the ring. I do a little research on my opponents, but don't do much.
-- So it's a secret... who do you think your opponent is going to be in the final?
Petrosyan : I don't know who's going to win, but I'm sure it's going to be a tough match. I think that Souwer is not the best when facing Muay Thai fighters, so Buakaw has the advantage.
-- It looks like Souwer wants revenge on you.
Petrosyan : Given the chance, I'd like to fight him again.
-- How do you feel about being one of the favorites?
Petrosyan : I'm grateful that people believe so. All I can do is to prove them right in the ring.
-- Are you confident in becoming the Champion?
Petrosyan : I'm not 100% confident, but I do think I have a very decent chance.
--On the other hand, it has been pointed out your fights are often too professionally cautious. Event Producer Mr. Tanikawa is hoping that you will change this fighting style.
Petrosyan : As for that, I think it has changed a little since a match in Fukuoka. I tried to change a bit in that match, but... it wasn't enough?
I changed my rhythm

-- Really? How?
Petrosyan : Umm....my rhythm.
-- Err... if we can see that a little more clearly, then we might be convinced...
Petrosyan : My style can't be changed, but the rhythm can. I think everyone wants to see an aggressive match. What I can do for that is a change of a rhythm. I won't change the way I predict an opponent's next movement and move accordingly..
-- I think that your match with Yamamoto will draw a lot more attention that your previous fights.
Petrosyan : I think he has an advantage because he is Japanese, and this is his home country. I have known of him for a long time. I'm sure he has fought in Italy before. The fight was at about 67kg, and he lost it. Anyway, right now the only thing I am thinking about is winning the match.
I have my eye on someone.

-- Honestly, did you think it would be Drago that made it to this round??
Petrosyan : To be frank, absolutely. I didn't discount he fact that he may now, but I believed he was the most likely winner..
-- Have you fought with a Japanese fighter before?
Petrosyan : No, it's my first time. Many Japanese fighters are courageous, full of spirit and have mental toughness. I have some I really like, and others that I don't care for too much.
-- Who is your favorite?
Petrosyan : Masato is great. And I also really like Sato. Their technique is beautiful.
-- Who don't you like?
Petrosyan : It's not that I don't actually like him, but maybe Kido. He doesn't punch a lot, and I don't really feel he is suited to K-1. Also, Hinata. He's a good fighter but not nearly perfect enough.
-- So you are already perfect.
Petrosyan : I have weak points, and I know exactly what they are. I train to improve them. If I don't want to get hit with my opponents' attacks, I have no choice but to train. It is this effort that produces the magic people see when I fight.



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pofesen (101 posts)
Posted: 2009-10-13 at: 11:35
nice article and thank you for the translation. i guess it's taken from the k-1 pressconference, the translation on youtube is embarassing.

but i what i really don't understand is the first paragraph, what does that mean? it was albert kraus vs kraus second? who or what is kraus' second? what has that to do with petrosyan and why does it shows hidden talent? hope someone can help me out. thank you in advance.

Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-10-13 at: 11:49
@pofesen I think this article slash interview opens a bit akward as well, not going in deep enough on the the incident they describe. I knew Kraus was pissed because he lost, but I think it's pure frustration due to Petrosyan's counterfighter style. Understandable, but not very sportsmanlike. I guess with "seconds" they mean people from his corner.
Strange they didn't took this up in the interview.

Good read though! Thnx for posting :)
pofesen (101 posts)
Posted: 2009-10-14 at: 07:07
@Rob My first impression was: "WTF, what's wrong with Albert, why talking shit to Petrosyan" !?

I was wrong, he was just pissed off because he lost and that's all. As you say, not very professional.
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