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     Abbe Joof vs Artur Kyshenko  -  K-1 rules 74kg



Abbe Joof
Abdoulie " Abbe" Joof was born and lived his early childhood years in the capital of Gambia, Banjul.  At the age of nine Abbe moved with his family to Sweden and the "million program" suburb Rinkeby where almost 90% of the population has its roots from other countries. Soccer was the first sport that Abbe picked up but at the age of 14 he followed his cousin Wobby ( a former Amateur MuayThai World Champion ) to a local MuayThai club,  Zoran Gym, and it did not take long before Abbe was hooked on the sport. four years later in 1999 Abbe won his first Swedish MuayThai Championship title - 81kg  and in 2003 he made his K-1 debut at the K-1 Scandinavia event in Stockholm Sweden. Unfortunately Abbe did not receive the flying start to his K-1 career that he was hoping for. After three intense rounds the fatigued Abbe received a TKO loss to the fellow Swede Wisam Feyli in the first fight and this graveled his plans for a fast lane to fame and glory.

A few years later Abbe joined the Vallentuna boxing camp and got the privilege to train with the  K-1 fighters Jörgen Kruth, Martin Holm and Rickard Nordstrand on a daily basis. This gave him world class sparring opportunities and also a good insight look to what the future could hold for him. In 2006 and 2008 Abbe captured his second and third Swedish MuayThai Title's and also competed at the MuayThai A-class World Championships where he fought close fights against some of the best fighters in the world. During 2009 Abbe has fought in all of the Rumble Of the Kings qualification events and he has defeated two strong opponents in Oliver Kessler and Ali Reza Hadavan. Abbes Main concern prior to this fight against Artur Kyshenko will be to loose 16 Kilos, this will indeed be a big test and a very difficult task since there is almost only muscles on his 90kg heavy body.

Fighting style
The heart is the strongest muscle in the human body and Abbe`s heart beats for MuayThai. His will to win has helped him defeat opponents much more experienced then him and his warrior spirit has keep him on his feet when others would have fallen. When Abbe finds his pace in the ring and fights relaxed there aren't many fighters that can keep up with him. In his attacks Abbe combines great power with timing and his solid knees has taken the gas out of several opponents. Besides the knees Abbe also has fast hands and a whole arsenal of powerful kicks.

Ups and downs
+ Powerful in all techniques
+ Combinations
+ Warrior spirit 
- has shown difficulties in finding a good pace and harmony in the ring.

Records and titles
17 wins- 6 losses -0 Draw - 8 KO´s
3 times Swedish MuayThai Champion

Artur Kyshenko
Growing up under humble circumstances in a rough neighborhood in Ukraine Artur early in his life realized that he needed to learn how to take care of himself. The answer for him became MuayThai. Today The 22 year young Artur Kyshenko is one of the biggest names, best paid and most talented fighters in K-1 MAX (70kg). He holds a 38-6-1-1 record and it includes 22 wins by knockout. Last year he came close to win the whole K-1 MAX World Series but a very debated and controversial extra round decision loss to Masato in the tournament final match came in his way. This year Artur has strengthen his position as one of the best in the bussnies by defeating the Japanese star Yoshihiro Sato and also picked up an impressive first round TKO win over Aalviar Lima at the K-1 MAX final 16. Many experts felt sure that this would be the year when Artur would become the K-1 MAX Champion but once again he fell short due to a debated extra round decision loss, this time at the K-1 MAX final 8 against the 2 time MAX champion Andy Souwer. Artur`s biggest dilemma in K-1 MAX is that he is forced to loose a lot of weight from his natural weight at 80kg down to the 70kg weigh in limit. The big weight loss and hard dieting before every fight has certainly affected Arturs  performances  in the MAX series. In this upcoming fight against Abbe Joof he will have an simpler transition to the weight limit since its four kilos above the K-1 MAX weight.

Fighting style
Boxing is without a doubt Artur`s number one weapon in the ring. His hard and accurate hooks can break down any opponent and his left hook to the liver is one of the most feared techniques in K-1 MAX. Besides his great boxing abilities Artur also possess a wide arrange of other excellent techniques such as, jumping knee attacks, head kicks and spinning kicks and fists. His versatility in the ring makes him dangerous and also very unpredictable for his opponents. Not to forget Kyshenko is a very experience Muaythai fighter and 2 times IFMA Muaythai World middleweight Champion in A-class so his Thai technique is definitely one the best in the K-1 series.

Ups and downs
+ Timing and precision
+ Liver body shots and knees to the head
+ Very versatile
- wastes a lot of energy in his attacks

Record and titles
38 wins - 6 losses - 1 draw - 1 no contest  - 22 KO`s
2008 K-1 World Max Finalist
2007 IFMA World Muay Thai Championships Gold medal -71kg
2006 IFMA World Muay Thai Championships Gold medal -71kg
2006 K-1 MAX East European GP Champion
2006 Ukrainian Muay Thai champion (-71 kg)
2005 Ukrainian Muay Thai champion (75 kg)
2004 IFMA European Amateur Muay Thai Champion
2004 Fighting Arts World Champion
2003 IFMA World Muay Thai Championships Bronze medal 63.5kg

If you just look at the fighters records it seems like the matchmaker is throwing a sheep in to the lions cave. But, reality is not written on a piece of paper and Abbe might just very well turn this fight in to one of this years biggest upsets.

In one corner we have a multiple European and World Champion who also happens to be a K-1 MAX mega star, in the other corner we have a talented fighter who patiently has been standing in the shadow of others and still hasn't truly blossomed. Artur has proven time and again that he is one of the best fighters in the world and he has more belt's then he can carry. The 74Kg weight class will suit Artur very well and he will be more powerful in it then we ever seen him be in K-1 MAX. Abbe who never has received the opportunity to fight at this level before will indeed face the challenge of his life, besides taking on Artur in the ring Abbe also needs to loose 16kg before the fight to make the weight. A difficult task indeed but, we must not forget that Abbe is no freshman himself, he has fought against top of the line opponents before at the MuayThai World Championships and he has wins over top rated fighters in his record.

How far will Abbes warrior spirit take him this time, will it be enough to beat the prodigy Arthur Kyshenko, or will Abbe be outmaneuvered in a devastating display of power and exceptional technique by the young Ukrainian Kyshenko? Only two things are certain, sparks will fly and it will be a fight to remember. Come and see for yourself at the K-1 Rumble Of The Kings event on the 20th of November in Stockholm / Hovet.
Tickets are available at Ticnet

This article is created for ussage on both fansofk1.com and the official Rumble of the kings site www.k-1.se


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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-22 at: 09:53
Good info here again. Thanks Daniel.

Surely losing 16 kilos will be too much for Joof. Who can lose 16 kg and still fight at top level? Maybe when you weigh 150 kg, but not at about 85/90 kg .....
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-22 at: 11:29
Nicely written!

@D-rop Yeah, I wonder if after such massive dehydration he'll have any sparks left.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-23 at: 05:47
@D-rop My first thought was excatly the same, who can loose that much weight, and still performe at all? I think Joof can. Surly it will be no walk in the park for him to loose the weight but he can do it.

Keep an eye out for an exclusive video during the next few days......
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-23 at: 08:13
Awesome resume Daniel!

If Abbe loose all those kilos to the weight in and then re-hydrate himself it sure looks like a good gameplan for Abbe who is a really strong and experienced fighter. Just hope he gets professional help, since this kind of stuff can turn around badly. Can´t wait to see Arthur Kyshenko in Sweden
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-23 at: 02:50
Extraordinary article! A must-read for anyone interested.
As for fighting under their natural weight, that's one feature both men share.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-23 at: 06:53
@Pablo OK Pablo, but there's a big difference in losing a few kilos and losing 16 kg, which is (in this case) almost 20% of his weight!!!!!

Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-23 at: 11:16
wow big weight loss....he will have to seriously dehydrate himself....
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-24 at: 02:22
@D-rop You're quite right, I was half-joking
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