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Attila Karacs, an upcoming star on a cloudy night ?

As It's Showtime is getting Europe's attention to countries you have never seen events in before, we can clearly see a few talented, hard-working fighters gaining experience and honor event by event.. making their names and their countries known around the world..

Almost every Eastern european country brought up fighters who are becoming more and more successful, and nobody knows where they will end up.

Lately we heard quite a lot about, for example Romainian fighters, as they prove that theres a reason K1 contracts them and put effort in making their names ring a bell for every K-1 fans out there,  I could be thinking of Daniel Ghita, Catalin Morosanu and several more..

On the 29th of August theres going to be an 'It's Showtime' event taking place in Budapest, Hungary.. most of you probably heard of it..

And there comes Attila Karacs into the picture.

A tall, skinny Hungarian guy, who's about to fight Björn Bregy. It could sound weird, not actually knowing who exactly are we dealing with under the name Attila Karacs.

He's 27 years old.. been starting up with kempo at the age of 10.. turning to amateur boxing at 11.. having his first semi professional box match at 14.. then settling down in the world of K1.

Nowadays he's got a perfect height of 198 cm, a nice amount of dry muscles, so he weights around 105 kgs.

As you can see, he's been through quite a long, early-starting career, therefore one can expect an experienced, well built fighter with great stamina.

Now there comes the problem of luck.

Attila's kicks were known as strong as rarely seen among the fighters, he got really powerful and long legs which can make his enemies having a hard time with him in one ring.

The bad thing is that his shinbone hardly could stand the power of these kicks, so he started getting injured of it, like we have seen his match against Zimmerman, after which the dutch fighter started being known and contracted by multiple organisations.

In that match, after a really impressive first round in which he was devastating Zimmerman, his shinbone started bleeding, hence the ring doctor made him give up that match,,That's was prolly a huge roadblock in his international K-1 career, after which he just regenerated as soon as possible and started training with more and more efficency, preparing to the unpredictable. Meanwhile, Zimmermann got the matches after, and he became pretty famous among the European, even Japanese fans.



The last time we seen him was against Tyrone Spong.. You probably know the story about Karaev, and that Attila Karacs accepted the offer of stepping in as a reserve without hesitating for a second.. he was ready, he was prepared, he lived with his chance life gave him.

So even though it pop out a few days before the event, Karacs had a great performance against Spong..

You rarely see a fighter in that size dancing like a lightweight boxer, and that's what Karacs does, dances, moves, his hands are really fast, his reflexes are awesome, just check out that match against Spong.

If we wanted to be honest, we gave the match to Karacs, since I'm pretty sure he was dominating, blocking Tyrone from whatever he wanted to do, and hitting more times.

So we didn't hear a word of complain after, he just lived with the chance to show the world he is a talented and ambitious young fighter who can lift up the level of a K1 event.



After all I just wonder how his match against Bregy going to turn out, I see him more competitive, more willing and more talented than Bregy, we will see what he can do against the Swiss giant..

Even, Karacs signed a contract with Andree Manaart, a famous dutch trainer, he is tarining for example Andy Souwer.. I'm curious where is it going to lead to.. though they start training together only like 1-2 weeks before the It's Showtime Budapest...


So Attila Karacs' story leaves a lot of ...-s ,and started, but non ended sentences after itself, things to think about, things to look forward to.


I hope - even if you didn't know him before - you got to a point where you can sit down at his next match and watch Him fighting, and agreeing or disagreeing with the thoughts brought up above.








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Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-24 at: 09:37
More great exclusive stuff, well done Balint!

After reading this article I found a new intress in Attila, I hope he can beat his bad luck and also take home a win against Breggy.

Thanks alot for writing and posting.
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-24 at: 10:04
I've seen him fight before Zimmerman and he immediately caught my attention. Like you said, fast, agile, strong fighter. I hope we see more of him in the future. This is the type of fighter K1 needs. Not Choi
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-24 at: 12:16
Nice exclusicve! Keep it coming.
Mr. Critical (117 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-24 at: 02:06
nice article... i was in the arena and i can agree that attila won against spong
Rodrigo Mello (53 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-25 at: 12:34
Karacs is a great fighter. I agree with the article.
I want to see him winning against Bregy who is a boring fighter
Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-25 at: 04:25
@Rodrigo Mello
That would be a good fight

D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-25 at: 06:02
Thanks Balint. Very nice article!
I agree that we can expect more of Karacs; a very good fighter who has not yet achieved a lot, but has a lot of potential for sure.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-13 at: 08:29
As a hungarian myself too,I really liked to read the article about Attlila and also because my heart hurts a bit that our fighters are not too lucky, lack of the financial factor maybe to get the chances to be seen more in the international fights.
Karacs is a strong fighter and i was very dissapointed to see that win given to Zimmerman, i dont really understand onwhat cause exactly but that s how it is and i hope he will get some more chance in the future. I guess most of the best trainers are in the Netherlands so i hope he can get the chance to spend some time over there with training altogther with some of our best talents who we would need so much alogether with a great trainer and a fathful sponsor for them. The other problems also coming out as a reason of the financial factor is that our fighters dont get advertised really and almost no international chance at all.
I think that the only problem with Attila is ,that he is not a potential STAR, he s not prometed and also he does not self promote himself either. He does all as he has to in the ring but not shining out by any behaviour may it be good or bad- same almost as for self.propaganda-he doesnt do such thing which could make him stand out of the crowd of the other fighters, contrary to the fact he has a fairly good talent, he was quite unluky so far internationally. I m very happy for his win agains Bregy but he would need someone to promote him and make him fight abroad (Netherlands is a gret start really).
And maybe you will say it s not like that but even in the fight world it s mainly on the personality and not on the pure talent which makes a fighter a star. Wishing all the best luck for our champions and champions-to-be !!!
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