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In defence of Daniel Ghita and K-1 WGP in Tokyo

Reading the arcticle of Alex Evdokimov I agreed that was easy to Ghita to win the tournament but I think the K-1 organization and the Tokyo GP, who was amazing, are not guilty.

First of all, Ghita was firstly supposed to fight against Alex Roberts, a great fighter who knocked out Nathan Corbett and is far better than the young welsh John Love. Love was going to fight the reserve match. The producers had no time to replace Roberts with other good fighter in time for the tournament and used the talented  Love to fill the gap in the tournament card.

Then Melvin Manhoef was not able to fight the semifinal, and Ghita easily defeated the weak japanese fighter Yuki, after, beating a tired Lascenko. I think he was in day full of luck, but i don't see the Tokyo GP as the Inadequacy GP. With Roberts and Manhoef in condition, the GP was going to be better. But it is not right to blame FEG for the misfortune of those two fighters and fortune of the great romanian. 

Daniel Ghita is an amazing kicker who defeated a lot of great fighters in events like Lokal Kombat and It's Showtime. His fights are always  exciting. He has a lot of fans in his country. I think that, with the eight men who fought in Tokyo , Ghita was going to win in every way, no matter the match-up. The only one able to beat him in the Qualifying GP, in my opinion, was Melvin, but he was hurt. 

Last year at the Hawaii GP, Gokhan Saki, a great and talented striker, fought again Deutch Puu, Rick Cheek and Randy Kim. He finished them after 9:30 min. All of them were limited fighters. The tired Lascennko and the young John Love are far better than any of them. And Ghita won the GP with only 5:15. What shows that he is an expectacular fighter who is going to have a great future in K-1. It's impossible to predict if he will be at the WGP final this year but I think he is going to be a K-1 top fighter soon.

In last years FEG is making GP's with fighters who don't deserve to be in K-1. But I don't think that Tokyo GP is an example of inadequacy. There were a lot of great fighters and the matches were good in my opinion... Jaideep, for example, is not a great fighter but won the Asia GP after beating really weak fighters.

I think that FEG must stop putting weak korean fighters  in the asia GP just for being korean. (to please FEG Korea and make events in the country) And I don't want to see names like Butterbean, Wesley Correira, Sentoryu and others, just to be a joke in the card.

FEG still commits a lot of mistakes and inadequacies in K-1 World GP's but I think Daniel Ghita is a great fighter who deserves the great hipe he caused and there are many examples of GP's worser than the great Qualifying for the final 16 GP to be cricticized. There are  GP's that has just one or two good fighters and has no how to make a fair matchup. And it is worse than make one or two mistake pairing great fighters.

I'm not trying to say that Evdokimov is wrong. I think that he is a great writer and I enjoyed both of his acticles. But I think he exaggerated in his opinion about the tournament and about Daniel. The event was the most exciting qualification of the last years, in my opinion, and Daniel Ghita (with Saki, Zimmerman and Hari, mainly) is the  great name of the new genration of fighter who is taking place in K-1.


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Alex Evdokimov (138 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-14 at: 10:42
Hi Rodrigo Mello,

A nice article and a nice rebuff as well! I think you're right on some parts, and of course, Daniel Ghita is a great fighter, I never tried or try to deny that - but like you said "I think he was in day full of luck" - to some degree that's very true, but yes - he also has power and his defence is solid.

For me, the bottom line is - Daniel Ghita won, like I said before - he deserved it - it's a sport. The rest is our approval or dissaproval. What we are doing writing these articles :).

I agree with you on the whole "Koreans in Korean GPs" ordeal. I actually live in Korea at the moment, and it's interesting to see how much Koreans root and cheer for their fighters and then they lose, and lose, and lose. Sad really, isn't it?

Anyway Rodrigo, a nice article, thanks for presenting a different point of view, quite nice!

All the best,


Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-15 at: 02:09
Nice article, thanks for taking the time to write it and post it here on fansofk1.

Like both you and Alex, i agree that Daniel Ghita is a worthy winner, he did not choice the opponents, he was only servd and did the most of it.

it will be very interesting to see who he will face at the final 16, and how he stands against the best in the bussnies.
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-15 at: 06:21
He did not really show good combinations against Laschenko, IMO, and just kicked the leg counter-style. He will NOT be able to just kick a Final 8 fighter in the leg without combinations first. They will all check his kicks or make him miss IMO...
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-08-16 at: 12:43
Great exclusive stuff!
Shock (56 posts)
Posted: 2009-09-01 at: 01:41
Well Ghita has more to offer then lowkicks, but in the matches in Tokyo he used them more for tactics, to finish the fights fast, so he will be fresh for the last fight. Hes opponents legs where not strong so why not use that against them ? :) Im sorry he is fighting Schilt and no one else. Schilt is a very difficult opponent, always throwing that strong jab, then the knees.... he annoys me.
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