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A Heavyweight champion with NO Cameraman

I know that everyone who shall start reading this article shall start saying "hey what is this guy talking about ?" but please read till the end to know I am talking about what :)


In sport it isn't different than anything else in life. When there is a good event, conference, new product demo, new movie trailer, etc there shall always be camera's spotting on the highlights and key personal of that event. And that is how it is going exactly in sports and specially in MMA our main concern.

Now entering any ring whatever its like shall give you a cameraman and fans waving and shouting weather they are with you or not. You shall for sure never enter that ring without that. Your fans shall get bigger and bigger with every fight you show and what talent and sportsmanship you show to the crowd. You shall become maybe a star with just two or three great fights. You shall get your name written on walls, news papers, and for sure a big pic of yours on a sports magazine !! Wow.

But, ...

What you won't get in even probably a hundred fights and wins is the heart of the crowd specially when it is binded to someone else there in the world. You shall get known more and more, but as I said the crowds eyes, heart, and mind is with that supreme, extraordinary (call him as you like) fighter.

That story of a glory boy coming to the lights of MMA fights is exactly what is happening with "Brock Lesnar", the Heavyweight champion of the last UFC event (UFC 100). Brock came into the octagon and became a star with just two or three great fights. Yes he shocked the world how can a wrestler from the WWE come into the octagon and beat those great fighters one after the other. Weather we like the guy or not, he gave us out there good entertainment, thats a point I can't argue about.

But, ...

Even after all that, Brock still is in the shadow of one man who really rocks the world with every single fight he performs. He is always a humble, calm, focused, and powerful guy. And on top of all that, he always shows the world his sportsmanship and how this sport is actually sport not just a man beating a man. I saw all his fights I never saw a disrespect from him to his opponent. He always comes in with respect to that man in the opposite corner of his. And maybe that's one of the main reasons why he always wins a fight.

I think now you maybe knew that the man I am talking about is "Fedor Emelianenko".

Yes Brock won the Heavyweight belt that night in UFC 100, but guys, please read the news on the Net, newspapers, magazines, and on the blogs, you shall find his name everywhere!! I can't imagine what is Brock Lesnar now thinking when even in a news or report about him, and finds that Fedor's name is there !!! What else do you have to do to get the cameraman and his camera focused on you? If you win the UFC Heavyweight title and still they are on another man !!!

Fedor vs Brock, shall continue to be the speech of everyone interested in MMA, specially specially if Fedor wins his fight in Affliction - Trilogy in 1st of August next month (which for my opinion shall be so "he shall win"). The world shall keep talking and talking of a Fedor vs Brock fight, which for me as a fan and a practitioner of Martial Arts shall really wish this dream of all comes someday true.

Finally, please guys put yourself in Brock's position and answer my question: Doesn't this give you the feel of:

"A Heavyweight champion with NO Cameraman"


The answer is yours ;)


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Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-17 at: 05:33
Funny and clever, very nice article and I enjoyed reding it.

I belivee that Brock does have a cameraman, but the camera is just smaler and dosent take as good pictures as Fedor`s =).

There is something magic about Fedor, something that you just cant put your finger on, Brock is more human in that way, and therefor less interesting IMO.

Once again thanx for the article, well done!
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-17 at: 05:53
Nice article.

If Lesnar wins his next 25 fights, he will not have this 'problem' anymore. He has only fought a few fights yet, and did very well.

BTW. it seems to me that Fedor is absolutely not interested if there's a cameraman for him or not!
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-18 at: 04:54
i know a word,copies make original look better.so,the original best heayweight in the world in mma is fedor and its not an discussable issue at the moment.and i cant see a guy who can beat him at this moment.he is the klitschko in mma.i think these russian guys have some tricky stuff :)
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-18 at: 04:38
Lesner will be over 15 kg heavier than Fedor....it will be a good fight..

lesner just keeps that MMA image of street thugs alive....great role model that guy?
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-19 at: 08:34

Its a pleasure that you liked it Daniel :$

Yes its seems its like that, the big man in size with the small maybe 2Mega Pixel Camera LoL

Fedor shall stay the rocking fellow and I doubt it that someone can take that shining stars that surround him.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-20 at: 11:00

Yeah, that's one thing that drives fans nuts, is why doesn't Fedor care to the "Speech", and "Camera's" !!!

About Brock, Yes he did very well that's for sure, and I even written that. But I don't think he shall manage to win his next 25 fights that easy. If we go back to history, and take a look at Gracie (the brazilian Jujitsu practitioner) you shall see how he managed to win big fighters than him. I think the history shall repeat itself and the perfect submissioners shall be able to stop this monster :)

It's a matter of time until the guys discover that beating Lesonar shall not be using power but brain ;)

Thanks D-Rop, I'm glade you liked it.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-20 at: 11:07

I agree with you conan81, Fedor as the #1 pound2pound fighter and Heavyweight champion is an undiscussable subject. Me too don't see anyone that can win a fight with him. The only one I think has a 1% chance is Josh Barnet, and I hope Fedor wins him so even that 1% chance is vanished :D

Mother Russia's fighters has nature under her training sleeves, and is maybe the #1 trick that others don't rely on, as all rely on machines !!!

BTW: what does klitschko mean ? !!!
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-20 at: 11:12
@Cdn Mongoose

As I said before in my reply on D-rop, not always size is the advantage !!! The size may turn against him if the opponent know how to do that. For sure we all wish such a fight, but lets see shall Dana White make some new rules that suite Fedor? I'm Waiting LoL

Lesnar is good, and he gave us really good fights, but ?

Fedor is the Almighty ONE :D
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-20 at: 01:36
Great article, right to the point, with a gripping title.
That's what charisma can do for you: Emelianeko's outstanding human qualities, as well as his earnest sportmanship really makes the difference, aside from his top abilities as a remarkable fighter (here he could eventually be surpassed). I agree with D-rop's mind about Lesnar having to cope with the fact that he will need still more victories to consolidate his status, and even then he probably won't reach Emelianenko's prestige
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