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In memory of Martin Holm


  1976.11.27 - 2009.06.24

                                                        A warriors shield may break
                                                       A warriors sword may shatter
                                                        A warriors armour may rust
                                                   But a warriors legacy lasts forever

                                                         A warrior may lose a battle
                                                          A warrior may lose a war
                                                         A warrior may lose his life
                                                   But a warrior never looses his soul


                                                           Rest in Peace Martin



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Jake (281 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 09:18
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 11:21
RIP warrior.

(Nice poem)
Elay (3 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 12:04
RIP Martin
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 01:06
Forever in our memory
fedbymum (92 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 04:11
You were always so nice and encouraging, you were among the best, both as a fighter and a person.
Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 05:11

It's a tragedy how he died, but having had issues with depression myself I know he was probably helpless at the time. Hope this can teach people to go and ask for help if they are struggling so we don't lose more great people.
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 05:43
So sad he couldn't hear what people touhgt of him. If he could things might have been very different
inna (3 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 06:21
May his soul rest in peace.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 08:32
This is as tragic as it is unexpected! It's always a great loss when someone dies, but a suicide causes even more grief for his enviroment.
The poem very appropriate.

R.I.P. Martin Holm
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 08:59
Rest in peace Martin, you will always be my idol and inspiration in the ring.

My thoughts are with his family and friends in this hard time. I hope that a bright sun will arrise from behind these dark cloudes
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 09:13

Is very sad that talented fighter and great person have to end their life like this
Great Poem Daniel
marcelt (319 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 09:29
I hope you found your rest Martin!
Dude (15 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 09:56
R I P very Good fighter!
Jordan B (220 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-25 at: 11:46
Very sad news, RIP Martin.
Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-26 at: 06:52
No matter how bad his problems were he had a family and a kid, suicide is never the answer. Now he's got a child who will grow up without a dad and know that this was his choice to die in vain. What a waste of talent and potential.

Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-26 at: 05:51
@ Eldarbong

Indeed, now they are left with so much questions. I hope they'll find the answers soon and recover from this great loss.
youssef (3 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-29 at: 07:29
in memory para siempre
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-29 at: 10:48
That's terrible. My deepest condolences.
TM (1 posts)
Posted: 2009-07-27 at: 10:17
The most technically accomplished fighter I ever saw, conquering all and sundry on his march to the IAMTF Euro title in Callafel, Spain in 1998. A true sensation, a true inspiration, a true warrior, the deal for real! RIP
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