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Fightreport K-1 ROTK Malmö

                      K-1 Rumble Of The Kings Malmö - Baltiska Hallen - May 22nd 2009

More than 3000 attendence entered Baltiska Hallen in Malmö to witness the biggest fighting event in northern Europe K-1 Rumble Of The Kings and thosands more watch it thrue LIVE TV. This was  the final quallification event before the big final in Stockholm later this year. It was time to shine for those fighters who wanted to earn a spot at the big final and the once that shine the brightest where  the biggest stars.

Tadas Levickas Vs Jörgen Kruth - MMA Fight

Swedens biggest K-1 and Muay Thai star Jörgen Kruth recently converted to MMA and at this event he made his much anticapated first MMA fight in Sweden. The sound of three thousand screaming fans must have been intimating for the last minute replacement fighter Taadas Levicas from Lithuania, even more terrifying was probably the sight of the very focused Jörgen Kruth as he ran over the catwalk in to the ring. With a massive support from the crowd Jörgen took the fight to the ground after a short moment of toe to toe boxing. When well on the ground Jörgen easily moved in to mount possision and started to ground and pound, Levickas tried to get free but instead got caught in an solid triangle choke which there was no escaping from. Realising that there is no way out Levickas tapt the mat and so to the joy of the audience Jörgen could add yet another fast victory to his growing MMA record.


Alex Dally Vs Rickard Nordstrand  K-1 Super fight

Another Swedish K-1 and Muay Thai star who made his return to the ring at this event was Rickard Nordstrand. During his absence from fighting he has moved down in the weight classes to his more natural weight class at - 81 Kilos. His opponent the former WMC world champion Alex Dally has done it the other way around and moved up from the middleweight division.  With a fysical shape that would have made Hercules blush Rickard sendt a clear message that he might be in the best shape of his life. The actual fight started out very passive, Both Alex and Rickard looked very tensed and the kick that did the most damage in the first round was the one that Rickard accidently hit Alex in the groin with. But in the second round the fight and the crowd woke up, Rickard started to use his hands and forced the rather passive Alex backwards. After a series of hard hooks and body blows Alex fell to the ground and recived an eight count. Alex then tried to fight back but an devastating leaping knee to the stomach sent Alex back on the ground and the referee stopped the fight. In his post fight interview Rickard told us that he feelt a bit rusty in the first round and that he wasent completly satesfied with the fight, but he also mention that he loves to fight at -81 Kilos and that we can expect more from him in the future.

Ali Reza Hadavan Vs Abbe Joof  K-1 Super fight

How important is a good gameplan? Well I think that if you ask Abbe Joof he would say important indeed. He had one for sure in his fight against the Nordic and Danish champion Ali Reza Hadavan and it was to destroy Ali`s left leg. A tactic that started to show good results in the second round as Ali started to limp around in the ring and could not fully take use of his own technical kicks. Between the the low kicks Abbe also unleashed powerfull boxing combinations that found its mark severall times. In the third round Ali`s left leg was badly damaged and he had a hard time just standing up and after about a minute the first down is a fact. In what might have been a last final atempt to win the fight Ali Spinns away a beautiful spinning back kick towards Abbe`s head, but the kick missed the chin with an inch and eventho it got Abbe to stumble it was not egnouft for an KO. Abbe then once again aimed in on Ali`s damaged leg and with an combination of low kicks and body shots he once again got Ali on the canvass. Ali tried to get back up but his leg could not support him any more and so he got stuck on the mat twisting in massive pain. A fine win for Abbe who seems to have found a good winning concept.


Darco Krbanjevic Vs Ilir Latifi  MMA Fight

The MMA fighter Ilir Latifi got the whole arena boiling as he enterd the ring. Fighting at his home soil with an home crowd in his back he looked totaly unstoppable as he picked apart Darco Krbanjevic from Serbia. After a intense excange of punches in the opening moments of the fight Ilir swiftly got Darco on the ground. Ilir is know for his vicious Ground and pound and it was clear that Darco did not want to stay on the ground to find out how Ilirs sledge hammer fists feel like. So in an atempt to get free Darco twisted to get free but this gave Ilir the opportunity to grab Darcos arm from sidemount and press in an shoulderlock, Darco tapped the mat and Ilir got standing ovations from the exstatic audince.


Tim Radecliffe Vs Joakim Engeberg  MMA Fight

Joakim Engberg was probably the most disapointed fighter after this event, he had a winning fight going on against Tim Radcliffe from the UK, but it slipt away. In the frist round it was Engberg who lead the way with strong grappling that lead to an full mount possition, Engberg tried to end the fight with tons of punches but Radecliffe some how managed to avoid the worst blows and made it thrue the round. In the second round the fighters whent toe to toe and after some grappling Radecliffe got engberg on the ground. When trying to get free Engberg rolled and gave Radecliff an opening to attack his back. Radecliff made no misstakes as he quickly attacked Engbergs unprotected neck and grappled in an rear naked choke. Radcliff lookt very happy after the fight and showed us all that anything can happen in MMA.


Tomasz Zeprzala Vs Andreas Gustavsson  Pro Boxing

Pro boxer Andreas Gustavsson fought his second proffesional bout against the giant Tomasz Zeprzalka from Poland. Gustavsson led the fight from the first round and it seemd like Zeprzalka just did what he could to survive. Gustavsson weighs 100 kilos but moves like an light heavy weight fighter, constantly pressing forward and setting up combinations. In the forth round the beating became to mutch for Zeprzalka who fell to the canvass after a hard serie of bodyshots from Gustavsson. Zeprzalka got back up slowly and it seemd like he wanted to keep on fighting, but his corner had seen egnouf and decied to spare their fighter further beating and threw the towell. Gustavssons fine display of power and technic has proven that he is ready for a bigger challange next time.

 Tevfik Sucu Vs Elias Daniel  K-1 Super Fight

Elias Daniel had prepaird to fight Marcus Öberg at this event, but when Marcus had to withdraw from the fight knockout speciallist Tevfik Sucu from Turkey (28 Wins with 23 Knockouts) flew in to take his place.

Tevfik has solid boxing and he used his hands well and caught Elias hard in the second round. With a tasted for blood Tevfik seracht for the KO and wasted alot of energy by trying to achevie it. Elias keept his head cool and survived the storm and could in return start to pick points from distance against the tired Tevfik. In the final round Tevfik was out of gas and Elias once again collected points with ease. The final moments of the fight was intense as Tevfik put his chin on the line and threw everythign he had against Elias, Elias stepped up and answerd back and both fighters must have seen stars as the final bell rang. Elias picked up an well deservd 3-0 Decision victory and Tevfik probably learnd a lesson to be more vise with his energy in future battles.


Kittisak Noiwibon Vs Martin Ahktar  K-1 Super Fight

Recently crowned Swedish Muay Thai champion Martin Akhtar from Malmö got a warm welcome to the ring by his home fans. Some fighters has a tendency to get a bit stiff when fighting under big pressure, Martin Akhtar is not such a fighter. Insted he welcomed Kittisak Noiwibon to Malmö with explosive sieries of punches and kicks. Noiwibon answerd back with kicks that could chop trees and the whole first round was an intense war that turned back and forth. In the second round Akhtar increased the already high pace and pour in series of punches. Noiwibon lookt exhausted and got caught hard severall times wich resulted in a knock down. Noiwibon got back up but whent down again when Akthar connected with knees from clinch. Enormus fighter heart was then shown as Noiwibon once again stood up and continued to fight, but it was to no use as the referee stopped the fight when Akhtar moved in for the kill. After the fight Akthar jumped up on the ropes and celibrated his impressive win to much joy of the cheering crowd.

Nils Widlund Vs Thomas Karlsson  K-1 Super Fight

Experince or hunger? That was the question before the fight between the 40 year old Thomas "Totto" Karlsson and the 22 year young Nils Widlund. Totto who has more then 160 fights under his belt and also 17 straight Swedish titels in Kickboxning looked like he had eaten a whole jar of anti stress pills before the fight, the calm before the storm.

The fight began at a rather high pace where Totto displayed exellent kicks and Nils used his knees and hooks to score points. Both fighters looked rather uncomfortable under the K-1 rules system and the number of good low kicks in the fight could be counted on one hand. In the second and third round the pace became slower and Totto diddent seem to find any good rythm, and this was something that Nils took advatange of as he scored points with boxing and knees. Totto tried to get back in to the fight at the last moments of the final round and the tired Nils was forced to move backwards alot, but the attacks from Totto came a bit to late and Nils recived an unanimous decision win after three rounds.


Billy Malm Vs Martin Svensson  MMA Fight

Billy Malm and Martin Svensson fought eachother in the events first opening fight, a fight that Billy controled and won with ease. With strikes from clinch Billy got Svensson on the ground, and on the ground billy wrestled him self in to possition and set up an guiliotin choke.

Since this was the final quallification event we now haft to wait untill November for the big final when the Rumble Of The Kings return to Stockholm / Hovet. The fighters Jörgen Kruth, Rickard Nordstrand, Abbe Joof and Ilir Latifi are already quallified for that event and it will be very interesting to see witch other fighters the promotor selects for the big final event of the year.

Big thanks to the Promotor Kasra, Rumble Of The Kings and all of the fighters for putting on such a great show. More information about this event and Rumble Of The Kings can always be found at www.k-1.se

Written by Daniel 090524

Photos taken by Kim


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Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-24 at: 02:44
Finaly done, srry that it took some time. Im waiting for more pictures and I need to check the spelling again. ( my word broke down last night so most parts of the article was written directly on fansofk1 ).. Any way I hope you like it.

Photos taken by proffesinal photgraf Ulf Brännström can be found here www.hotshotphoto.se
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-24 at: 04:10
Great fightreport Daniel, thanks a lot!
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-24 at: 04:59
Yes, realy nice. Good job Daniel
Balint (199 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-24 at: 05:39
nice one
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-24 at: 06:05
Good job Daniel! I also want to thank all the people behind Rumble of the Kings and the fighters for making such a good event come true, well done!

PS: I recommend all of you to visit Uffe Brännströms homepage for more high qualtiy pics, http://www.uffebrannstrom.fotosid an.se/viewpf.htm?pfID=238024 (Scroll down on the page and you will find this event)
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-25 at: 10:45
Solid stuff as usual Daniel!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-25 at: 11:28
Thanx for the comments guys you know that I appritiate them, and Kim thanks for a great time in Malmö.
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-29 at: 08:56
Excellent work, almost as good as being there
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-06-06 at: 09:37
Always fun travelling w/ you Daniel.
Here is som more pictures by professional photgraf Peter Kroon from the event:

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