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New Peter Aerts interview

Peter Arts, Star of K-1 responds to the questions specifically for the site www.superkarate.ru.
English translation is below.



Interview with Peter Arts by Soslanbek Izrailov.
Photo and video provided by the author of the interview.

Opposite to me sitting the man with screwed up eyes and kind smile who has participated in all the K-1 finals and won three of them. Fought the best fighters in the past twenty years. Several times was recognised as a best fighter of the year fighter in the opinion of “Ring sports” and other authoritative publications. Also, he is the father of two children, coach, businessman and a living legend in Kickboxing with the army of fans around the world. Dutch lumberjack, Peter Arts, answers Superkarate.ru readers’ questions .

I have questions from readers of Superkarate.ru. For the best question we promised your signed photo.
- Yes, of course, no problem.

The first question is about your children.
I have two children, seven years old twins, boy and girl. I bring them every morning to school.

Training already?
My son doing taekvondo, doter ballet, ballet and jazz dance.

Son started as the father from taekvondo..
Yes, but he prefer to play soccer. taekvondo is very athletic sport, make you athletic and flexible. I think boxing is not very good in his age, getting paunches is not good when you are seven.

Your grand father also was sportsmen?
My grand father was a boxer, uncle also, but not on very high level. He was always teasing me, doing boxing, and I was 15-16 years old. We have sparing and I broke his two titch. It was last time he tease me.)))

Not everybody remember, but ones it was 666 on your shorts..
Yes, it was a joke. Mike Bernardo, you know Mike Bernardo? He was talking Jesus this, that,… he gave me had bout. When I was fighting him on tournament after that, he was talking about Jesus, and put cross on his shorts, I decided to put 666 on my shorts. I won him that time. Japans liked it and I keep it on my shorts for some time, but later stop d it. But it was only a joke.

And two axes on your shorts..
The lumberjack? My father was a lumberjack. One time I was fighting on Aruba, Dutch colony, and I knocked out everyone in first round, trainer call me lumberjack. Than i thought that it good to be my nick name.

Wat was your most difficult moment on the ring?
Many difficult moments. sometimes I make it easy… a long time ago I was fighting Frank Lobman. I think firs time was very difficult fight. Two or three times i had problems. Hi didn’t see it, but two or three times I was dizzy.

They say You was first who stopped Lobman? Was he really so good?
Yes, 65 fights, 65 vins. 63 KO, something like this. He knocked out everybody. But he was 40 years old when he fought me.

It is not much about Lobman in the Internet, only in you-tube couple of his fights. Against Ken Shamrock and Bas Rutten..
It was long time ago, but these fights were at the end of his career. At the beginning he was really good. Second and third time (I was fighting three times against him) i broke his jowl. After that his career went down, but he was forty something at that time.

If you compare his in his best time with the guys who are fighting now, who is better?
I think now is more technical fight. Now the level is higher, but old time the fighting was harder. Now is faster, but now is more points fights. it is only three rounds now, and everybody wants to make points. In old time it was five round, we had time, if you lose points in second, third round it was not a problem, you could knock him out in forth, fifth round. Now you have to be fast. If you cant knock out, you can lose by points. The system is changed.

But Wat system do you prefer?
I like five rounds. Have you seen this guy last time? After three rounds he was finished. But for me four, five rounds is not a problem. I have filing like the more tired I get, the better I fight. I am slow starter. I personally prefer five rounds.

After so many victories how do you find the motivation?
I love this sport. I love the sport and I love to train. Normally after the fight you relax, go out.. But I was training this week already three times, Monday, Thursday, today a little bit. And you know, you mast have a good group. When you have a good group, boys motivate you too. Good sparing partners motivate you too.

About your plans. What are you planing to achieve on ring, and when you will finish with the ring.
Now it is 17Th year of my carrier, I will try to make 20, but we will see. I have one year more contract with k-1, and after that we will see. If I keep fighting like now, maybe I will make two-tree years extra. And I planning to open my gym. Originally I am from south, but I will open it on east, close to Enschede. My wife is from Enschede. It is not a big business, but for me its enough. I like the sport, I planing to stay in this sport.

You have students, one is William Diender.. how is he?
He is doing good. Before I had many students, but now I am too busy. I have two-three guys I help a little bit now, and that’s it. When I want to concentrate to the fight, its too much if I do something else. After two-three years, when I will finish with my career, I will do more. Now i am too busy.

What is most important during the training, and how hard do you train?
I think you must always train hard, and what is most important, you must have good people. If you train with bad people, your level get down i think. When it is too easy, you start keeping your hands down, when you train with good people, you always keep your hands up, otherwise you will get punch. You must train with good people, with hard people, but you must not get too much. When you have every week full hit on your face, i think it is not good.

Why did you decide to be a fighter?
I wanted to be a boxer. When i was 5-6 years old i already wanted to be a boxer. But my mother said I can not do it. So, i went to taekwondo, and after that kick-boxing. Fortunately my mother didn’t know what kick-boxing is.

They asking about your close goals at this moment?
I want to win a tournament, i want to win the most of the fights now. For me important to get the best out of my carrier. Before I was not serous. I was training seriously , but i went out, went to bed late, eat not so good food… and now i am really, really.. I have goal in my life. last two years i want to be the best.

I am following your career from 1995 when you won Andy Hug and win Le Banner in the final by KO. How do you manage to stay in such a good shape for so a long time?
I think the body is important, you must be healthy, but most important- you must be strong in your mind. Some fighters are not very good technically, but win only by strong mind.
Is it important to gain weigh when you are fighting in heavy weigh k-1?
It depends. When you fight Semmi Schilt, Hong Man Choi who is 160 kg, you need some power. I need to be heavy fighting big guys, but now I lost some weight, as the opponents become lighter. For me is better to be lighter, now I am 103 and I think I moving much better, you so it last time. And when you are heavy, you get tired fast also.

Le Banner, why he is loosing last time?
I think he does not motivation. At the beginning he really wanted to fight. Now.. he like the sport, but he is not motivated. When he is more motivated, he can fight much better.

His last fight..
I didn’t see, I sow only last round. let me think… It was just before my fight. I was to busy to see.

I think that after four rounds he did enough to give him a victory, but they did extra round..
I think also that Japans want to bring young fighters. what you think of my fight? I think it was even worse.

Honestly, I don’t think you was much better, but you was clearly better. after three rounds it was not a question who did win. but I have filing like they think this way- “they are old , they are tired, if we make extra round- young fighters will have an advantage.”
I also think so,I am not sure,but I think they want to bring young fighters. It is not nice, but.. what we can do.

When you lose people start talking that you are too old, this and that..
I lost last time two ears ago due to injury, and with Badr Hari.. It was just not my day, from the beginning it was not my day.

…but i really like that you always come back and show them..
Yes, in my mind I always know that I can do it. And when people speak like this it’s make me motivated. I really get angry with myself and I get motivated.

And also I mentioned that when you choose your opponent, you always choose strongest one. Le Banner is really not the easiest one, Schilt is most difficult.. Why not to go easier way?
Yes, I chose Schilt myself. If you want to be a champion you must fight the bests. Some people are champions, but trying to go easier way…

But when you have to fight tree times, maybe it is dangerous to go difficult way?
I know. But, I don’t care. For my filings it is better to go this way. Maybe it is not smart, everybody say I cant do it, management also don’t advise me to do it, but… I want to do it this way. And people respect you more if you fight the bests, then if you always going like a snake.

Your last fight against Zimmerman, who decided you will fight him? Management or you?
I decided to fight,I am my own boss. Management only gives me advice. Zimmerman had to fight Badr Hari. And then they phone me two weeks ago.

Who was your most principal opponent? Was it Andy Hug? And what did you feel when he died?
He was a good friend of mine. We had four fights, he won two, I won two. That time I made many advertisements in Japan, and he also. So, we meet each other a lot. And I saw him as a friend. I was there when he died. I come to hospital just before he died.

In Switzerland?
No, in Japan. I was fighting in Japan.. But he was in coma already one day..
Was he buried in Switzerland or Japan?
Let me think.. I think in Japan, but I am not sure.. I think his ash they put in Japan.

Andy Hug, his Axe kick, was it so dangerous?
For me not. It is good when you fight smaller guys. But he also had very hard low kick,when we were fighting he kick all the time my right leg. For me his most dangerous technique was his low kick.

Frank Lobman also was famous with his low kicks..
Yes, but he was better boxer. He was very good boxer. And for sure he had good low kick.

You call Andy Hug and Le Banner your friends, but you knock each other out..
It is only sport, it is not real fight I think. it is just a business. OK, you have bad feeling when you knock out your friend, but otherwise you don’t have to step on ring.

Who did you fight from kiokyshin, who was the strongest one, and what is typical for kiokyshin fighters?
I fought many kiokyshin fighters, Andy Hug, Feitoza, Filio, Andrew Tompson… they have a big spirit. I think they are not very good in boxing, but physically and mentally they are very strong.

Who was most dangerous opponent in k-1 in your carrier?
Most dangerous.. I am fighting for so many years, 17 years..most dangerous.. they all dangerous i think. You know,now i get older, my condition goes little bit down, now it is dangerous. When i was young it was not so dangerous.

What is most important during the training?
At the beginning you have to learn basic things, then you have to learn combinations. Combinations are very important. You have to learn a lot of combinations to become a professional. But on my level the most important is sparing with good people and pads.

How much time do you spend on stretching?
No so much time.

How important training with the weights?
for me very important. it is important for me because i have problems with my back, my ankle.. I have to keep my muscles strong and to keep my joins strong, and for condition.. for me it is very important.

Difference between Dutch and other schools?
We have a good system. I think our system is even better then in Thailand. The most important is that we have a lot of experience. So many people are fighting.. We have a good system, a lot of experience and hard training. I think the hard training is most important..

in Russia, in America they also train hard, but in the final k-1 we see mostly Dutch fighters..
I cant say anything, I didn’t train there. maybe they train hard, but have not good sparing partners, I don’t know.

You came back to Chakuriki, why did you come back, was it difficult decision?
No, it was not difficult decision. I had too much things in my mind, too much problems. I know how to fight. Technically is OK, is not a problem for me. But to fight i have to be sharp in my mind. And Thom Harinck is good in making you mentally very strong. And the training in Chakuriki is hard.

When you was training in another gym, did you speak to Thom?
Yes, of course. Not very often, but sometimes we saw each other on different galas, and we always had good relationships.

I think this question about MMA..
I fought two times. It is interesting for me. I know everything about k-1, I think I know everything.. but MMA is something new, it is exiting. I want to fight more in MMA, but my management do not want.

You are fighting only in Japan?
I have a contract with Japan, I can only fight in K-1. and when I fought in Holland I had too mach headache. 200 people phone me, asking about free cards, this and that.. too much problems..

The level is higher in Holland or in Japan?
In -70 I think in Holland, it is my personal opinion. Maybe also in Thailand. But in heavy weight it is surely Japan. Look, all the best fighters fighting in Japan.

And the last question. How do you like Japan?
I really like Japan, the people, the food. the way they live. It depend of course what you want to see, If you are coming for fighting sports, It is really good place to go. But I don’t want to live in Japan. There not my stile of life.

All the people who asked you questions wish you success on ring and in your life.
Thanks, osu.





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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-22 at: 09:30
Great reading-material, thanks for posting. Eldarbong.
marcelt (319 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-22 at: 10:17

Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-23 at: 09:24
real thorough insight into his minds, with much interesting information
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-23 at: 09:37
THNX very nice!
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-24 at: 07:51
I liked it too. Thanks.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-26 at: 07:43
Loved it! Thnx for posting. Aerts' thoughts are always an interesting read.
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