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Battle Of Sweden fightreport

090328 Solnahallen, Stockholm / Sweden

                         Muay Thai hearts

This years Swedish Muay Thai championships will definatly be remeberd for its close and well fought fights, but most of all it will be remeberd for all of the emotions and fighter hearts that was shown. Down below you will find my fight reports from this great event.

In the main event of the evening we saw K-1 star Warren Stevelmans from Holland ( South Africa ) take on the Muay Thai superstar and WMC Champion Orono Won Petchpun from Thailand.


While making his way to the ring Orono spread joy and expectations around him as he took his time dancing and entertaining the crowd, Warren didn't look to impressed by Orono`s dancing and instead focused on warming up with some intense shadow boxing. Before the fight started Orono also showed us how a perfect Wai Kru is performed and a lot of people in the audience gave him standing ovations for it.

The fight starts at a rather slow pace, Orono scans Stevelmans every move and also controls the centre of the ring keeping Stevelmans at bay with front kicks and jabs. Stevelmans tries several times to close the gap with hard hooks and jab, lowkick combinations but Orono is constantly one step ahead of him countering with knees and kicks. The second round has a much higher pace and Stevelmans lands a hard hook combination, Orono answers back with boxing and knees from clinch. The fight progresses in the same way in the third and fourth round, with Stevelmans looking for an opening with his hard hooks and Orono scoring points with kicks and straight knees to the body. Knowing that he is probably behind on the scorecards Stevelmans throws everything at Orono in the fifth round, after a moment of clinching Stevelmans finds the gap in Orono`s defence and lands a perfect left right combination that shakes Orono and forces him up against the ropes. Stevelmans puts Orono under more pressure as he unleashes more of his hard hooks but thanks to experience and perfect timing Orono manages to survive the storm and lock up the attacks in clinch where he once again score points with the knees. After five hard and well fought rounds the unanimous decision win went to a very happy Orono Won Petchpun.

The fight between Fadi Merza from Austria and the Swede Joakim "Yukay" Karlsson had been much debated even before it begun. Many critics had said that the 38 year old Joakim would not stand a chance against the more experienced and technical European and World champion Fadi Merza. The underdog situation is nothing new for Joakim and it was once again time for him to try and silence the critics.


With the crowd in his back Joakim opens up with some solid boxing, Merza answers with the same medicine combined with hard low kicks. There is a lot of tuff toe to toe boxing where Joakim fires away series of uppercuts and Merza put together combinations with left hooks and accurate right low kicks. As the bell rings to end the first round its apparent that Joakim`s legs a hurting badly. In the second round Joakim lands a beautiful right and gets Merza under pressure, Merza answers with a left jumping knee that connects to Joakim`s chin, both fighters seem shaken as they end up in more toe to toe action. Joakim looks very tired as the second round ends and his legs look stiff after receiving a lot of Merza`s perfect low kicks. The third and final round sees a tormented and exhausted Joakim fighting straight from the heart, Merza knows that Joakim`s legs are hurting and focus on more low kicks. When the crowd starts to cheer Joakim`s name he somehow once again finds the energy to attack and let his hands work the body and face of Fadi Merza. In the dying seconds of the fight Merza puts together more combos that passes Joakim`s guard. After three hard, technical and close rounds the fight went to the score cards. Winner by split decision, 2-1, Joakim, "Yuakay" Karlsson!

Fadi Merza did not seem totally satisfied with that decision, but he showed what a great fighter and person he is as he congratulated Joakim to the win, Joakim himself had once again silenced the critics thanks to his fighting spirit and Muay Thai heart.

Current -70 Kg Dutch champion Otmar Diagne told us during the press conference that the fight versus Kongpipop Petchyindee would be his biggest challenge so far in his career. Kongpipop who has more then three times as many fights under his belts then Otmar, the belts also happens to be two Lumpinee titles, two Thailand champion titles and one WBC World champion title. In other words a tuff challenge for the young and promising Dutchman but no way an impossible task.

Dancing seems to be an common interest for both Otmar and Kongpipop as they both showed of some groovy dance moves on the catwalk while entering the ring. When well in the ring we also saw some beautiful Wai Kru from Kongpipop.


Kongpipop knows how to control a fight and he does it well standing in the centre of the ring and defending his position with front kicks and jabs. Otmar doesn't seem to like Kongpipop`s bully tactics and works his way through the kicks and attacks with some nice rapid boxing and hard kicks of his own. In the second round Kongpipop shows his strength in the clinch as he tosses and trips Otmar from it, but Otmar is always quickly back on his feet and ready to get back in to the action. The third round is fought at a higher pace and Otmar lands a couple of hard hooks, but as Kongpipop locks up in clinch he also connects with a hard clinch knee that strikes Otmar over the nose. The referee halts the fight and is quick to take Otmar to the doctor as his noose is bleeding badly. It doesn't take long for the doctor to stop the fight, Otmar`s nose is probably broken and there is no way that the fight could continue. So the result is that Kongpipop gets another fine win to ad to his already 81 win record this time due to a third round doctor stoppage.


The first part of this event where ten finals in the Swedish Muay Thai championships, many of Sweden's best and most promising fighters where included, and it turned out that there would be a lot of dramatic fights and decision's.

The most entertaining and dramatic fight of the evening was fought in the -67Kg division by the two young and aggressive Swedish Muay Thai prospects Sanny Dahlbäck and David Teymur. The seventeen year old and undefeated Sanny qualified for the finals by knocking out his quarterfinal opponent with an unbelievable 4 second KO. David is well know to the Swedish crowed for his aggressive fights at the K-1 Scandinavia events in Luleå and Norrköping.

Like expected the fight is a war from round one, there is an massive support from the crowd for both fighters and the whole arena is boiling. David connects hard with his boxing in the second round and there are several " Rocky" moments where it seems like Sanny is going down, but, he doesn't. Instead Sanny answers with combinations and lovely left kicks. The third round is a slugfest where both fighters put their chin on the line and the pace is unbelievable. In the fourth and the fifth round  David swings big hooks with mixed success and Sanny snipers back with counter shots. As the amazing fight comes to an end the crowed is on their feet and the standing ovations never seems to stop. Both fighters has given it their all and much heart and courage has been shown. Like always when a fight is hard and close there will be a very happy winner and an just as disappointed beaten warrior coming in second place. The decision 2-1 came in favour for Sanny Dahlbäck who got his winning cheer over voiced by the dissatisfaction of the supporters for David Teymur.

K-1 fighter Driton Rama fought Tobias Alexandersson for the - 71Kg division title. Driton fought a Driton fight which means solid defence combined with walking backwards and countering. A strategy that has worked well in the past and also did the trick in this fight. Tobias tried his best to close the gap and get the fight going but Drtion didn't allow him to do so and secured a unanimous decision win after five rounds.

Martin Akthar who also competed at the K-1 event in Luleå stood for the KO of the night when he only needed forty seconds to land a perfect left hook to the aggressive Jonas Markstedt`s chin. Martin looked very happy and pleased as he received the Swedish championship belt.

The younger Teymur brother, Daniel, was for the third time fighting against Gothenburg's Malik Bah for the Swedish -60 Kg title. Labeld as an grudge fight the stakes where high and the strong emotions very apparent. Like his brother Daniel Teymur also fights very aggressively and  has the tactic that a good offence is the best defence. Malik Bah fights the other way around with solid defence and good counter attacks. After five intense rounds with fine display of technique from Malik and power from Daniel the decision 2-1 went in favour for a very happy Daniel Teymur

Rickard Pettersson and Henrik Nilsson fought each other  for the -81 Kg title, in a fight that was close, close and again close. The lack of combinations where traded for sheer power and fighting spirit. Henrik received and 8 count in the final round  after a series of hard low kicks from Rickard and this also determined the result of the fight. Winner by split decision round 5, Rickard Pettersson

The female fighters Jenny Andersson and Lina Länsberg stod for one of the best fights of the night, both of them constantly moving forward and not backing down. Jenny showed great balance as she mixed here technics and Lina had severall excellent round house kicks that left big red marks on Jenny`s torso. The toe to toe action was almost constant thrue out the fight and an exhausted Jenny Andersson picked up the unanimous win after five rounds.

In the -86 Kg 21 year old Adam Lazarevic had an destruction derby with Kristofer Tellström body, attacking him with kicks, punches and knees. After about a minute in to the first round Kristofter was downed hard by knee strikes and the referee stopped the fight.

Mehran Zangana and Josef Fjällgren fought a tuff fight for the -75 Kg titel. Zangana clearly better on the hands but Fjällgren stronger in the clinch and scoring points with hard kicks. Big parts of the crowed had Zangana as the winner after five rounds but the decison win went to Josef Fjällgren.

Another close and hard fight was the one between Mikaela Melante and Linn Vennergren for the -54 Kg titel. They pressed each other back and forward and there where several intense moments. Linn being a bit more all rounded scored alot of points in the early rounds but Mikaela came back when she started to focus on here good boxing and also won the fight thanks to it.

- 51 Kg was a hard fight between Ulf Byman and Patrik Thomssen, in the fourth round Byman steps up the tempo and put Thomssen under constant bombardment which lead to that Thomsen dropped his guard and turned his back in pain. The referee stopped the fight in favour for Ulf Byman who had out powered his opponent.

The fight between Jonathan Gromark and Tofan Pirani did not take place since Tofan got sick and was seent to the hospital before the fight, and so Gromark won by default


More photos http://www.mtpromotions.se/artman/publish/news/BATTLE_OF_SWEDEN_BILDER.shtml

Photos provided by MT promotions, taken by Fredrik Holmström


Article written by Daniel for fansofk1.com


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Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-29 at: 08:47
Another great fightreport Daniel! Thanks for sharing your story and glad to hear it was many champions attending the event. Keep these articles coming.

PS: It´s about time that Dennis change your title to "Reporter" now, hehe
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-29 at: 10:07
Nice article, as usual. Happy to see Yuakay win again.
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 07:11
I like Orono sounds like a good fight. Sounds like a cood card altogether. Thanks.
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 09:56
Brilliant fightreport, the ideal counterpart matching the full coverage of the event u did so well this weekend, congrats Daniel for an excellent work, and thanks! All beautifully told, with much vivid detail. By the way, an easy win for Gromark, would have liked to know more about his lately good progression
Fadi merza (8 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 11:37
Hi Daniel,

thanks for the nice Articel :o))

greetings from vienna
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 11:53
@Fadi merza

Hey hey! Great to see you here Fadi, its an honor for us!

I am glad that you liked the article, it was fun writing it and I had a great time at the event. Look forward to se more of you and all of the other fighters.

Also @ Pablo, Dennis, Kim. thank you my friends for your kind words, they warm me up in this cold country
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 03:11
Great stuff Daniel! A very nice report and some attractive writing I must add.
Another big step in making FOK1 the number one site for K1 fans. Keep it up!
Gry (35 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 05:22
Now I've finally had time to read this.. Great job Daniel! I was myself at the event and it was really good... =) It was a couple of exciting matches that I want to see more of...
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 06:16

I fully agree!
Thanks Daniel.
Fadi merza (8 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-30 at: 09:16
Hi Daniel,
yeah, its a honor for me to be also a part of this awesome site!
and thanks to all fantastic swedish crowd!
i hope to have the chance to fight here again!

greetings from vienna.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-04 at: 05:20
@Fadi merza

Glad you enjoy FansOfK1.com and great to see another champ here. Look forward to hear about your next fight and please keep us informed. Greetings from a wonderful Stockholm

Fadi merza (8 posts)
Posted: 2009-04-06 at: 09:45
Hi Kim,
thank you very much!!!
as i say, its also a honor for me to be here :o))
i will stay for sure in touch with this amazing site!
have a nice day
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