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Battle Of Sweden pressconference and weigh-ins

090327 Clarion Sign Hotel / Stockholm Sweden


Sweden in March can be beautiful with the years first spring flowers appering under the melting snow and temperatures rising as the summer is comming closer. Today was not such a day. A big scaled snowstorm aperd from nowhere and welcomed the six superfight fighters to the pressconferance. You could think that the harsh weather would affect the mood of the fighters, but they all seemed relaxed and cool as they took place for the interviews and weigh-ins. The event producer held at brief speech about the event, and informed us about the rules and matchmaking. All fights will be Muay Thai fights, with Swedish Muay Thai rules wich means no elbows allowed. Notable is also that the fight between Fadi Merza and Joakim Karlsson will be a 3 min * 3 round fight with the possibility of one extra round.

Warren Stevelmans Vs Orono Won Petcpun -69 kg | Muay Thai Rules | 5 x 3 min

K-1 star Warren Stevelmans is put against the Muay Thai legend Orono Won Petcpun in the main event of the evening. Warren looked relaxed and confident as he stepped up on the scale and the pin stopped at 68.7 Kg. Orono was even more relaxed as he with a big smile on his lips jumped up on the scale and made his weight at 65.8 Kg. There is an obvious weight difference between the two fighters, the question is if Orono will let Warren take use of it.


Warren Stevelmans

I am in good shape for this fight, preparation has been good and everything feels great. I have looked at some videos of Orono and I have done some special training for this fight. Since he is an southpaw fighter that is something that I have focused alot on in training. I am aware of his hard kicks and strong technic`s but in the end it still comes down to me doing my own fight. I believe that I will win this fight and I hope to do so by KO! I would like to tell the fans that this is gonna be a great fight, you will se for yourself, and im going to win,,, im gonna win!


Orono Won Petcpun

I have been in Sweden for four days now, the first two days I had bad jet lag but now I feel perfect. What I know about Warren is that he won an K-1 MAX Holland tournament, he has fought K-1 fights in Japan and he is a strong fighter with good boxing. For me this is an very important fight, its my fourth fight outside of Thailand and I need to win these fights to get more fights like this one. The fight tomorrow will be a close, good and hard fight with alot of boxing, I need to keep my guard up and hopefully I will win.

Joakim Karlsson Vs Fadi Merza -72,5 kg | Muay Thai Rules | 3 x 3 min

The fight between Fadi Merza and Joakim Karlsson could very well be on of this years most interesting and exciting fights. They are both powerfull and technically complete and there is definately no surtian outcome of this fight. As the stepped up to the scale Joakim made weight at 71.9 Kg, and Merza at 72.9, a little bit too heavy but Joakim accepted the weight difference and so Merza did not need to take an extra hour in the sauna.


Fadi Merza

I feel good, I am enjoying my visit to Sweden and I look forward to the fight tomorrow. I know that Joakim is strong and well rounded so me and my trainer have made up a good strategy for the fight and everything feels good. Like always I have trained a lot and hard and I am ready for the fight and I feel very excited. I want the fight to be good and technical and I hope that the audience will enjoy it.


Joakim Karlsson

My shape is good, I have been taking it a bit easy in training these last days before the fight and saved some energy. I have gone thru the fight in my head many times and I know what i need to do. The key to success is to relax, just let my hands do the work and not tense up. I believe in myself and I have two hands and two feets just like Merza. I predict the fight to be a real war, alot of boxing and action right away from the start, It feels great to fight in Stockholm again and I hope to get alot of support from the Swedish crowd.

Otmar Diagne Vs Kongpipop Petchyindee -70 kg | Muay Thai Rules | 5 x 3 min

There is no shortage of young talented fighters from Holland, Otmar Diagne is one of them, maybe one of the most talented. He recently won the 70Kg championships in Holland and he has 32 wins on 36 fights and 15 of them by KO, Otmar looked to be in great shape as he confidently stepped up on scale and passed the weight at 69.6 Kg. Kongpipop Petchyindee is a dubble Lumpinee champion, champion of Thailand in two different weightclasses and also an WBC world champion, In other words a living Muay Thai machine with 81 wins of 111 fights. Kongpipop had no problem making the weight as he weight in at 69.1 Kg


Kongpipop Petchyindee

Sweden is beautiful but very cold, tomorrow will be 100 procent excitement, the fight will be tuff, it could go either way, it will be close. I will use my hard kicks and fight good. Otmar is yong and strong it will be a fun fight.


Otmar Diagne

This will be my tuffest fight so far, Kongpipop is a big name in the Muay Thai world and I have seen alot of his fights. I think that I will win this fight, and I will do my best to do so, I know that it wont be easy but I realy want to win! I have the ambition to compete in K-1 MAX but it`s hard for dutch fighters to enter K-1 since we are over represented there, if I win fights like this one it will help me reach my goal.

As the pressconference was over and the fighters made their way out in to the snowstorm one thing was very clear. There will be another storm tomorrow, it will take place at Solnahallen and the reason is worldclass Muay Thai fights!

Like you already know there will also be several Swedish Muay Thai Championship fights taking place at this event, the line-up for them is

Female -63.5 Jenny Andersson vs Lina Länsberg
Female -54 Mikaela Melante vs Linn Wennergren

Male -51 Ulf Byman vs Patrik Thomssen
Male - 60 Malik Bah vs Daniel Teymur
Male - 63,5 Martin Akhtar vs Jonas Markstedt
Male - 67 Sanny Dahlbeck vs David Teymur
Male -71 Driton Rama vs Tobias Alexandersson
Male -75 Meran Zangana vs Josef Fjellgren
Male -81 Henrik Nilsson vs Richard Pettersson
Male -86 Adam Mehmet vs Kristoffer Tellström
Male -91 Jonathan Gromark vs Tofan Pirani

 More information about the event can be found at www.battleofsweden.com

Written by Daniel Hol Photos taken by Oskal " chilly" rojas


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Gry (35 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-27 at: 10:19
Werry good Daniel!
I have noticed one thing, it's always bad weather for the fights. But I look forward to tomorrow.......
fedbymum (92 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-28 at: 06:42
Ah,you`ve done well Daniel, good article as usual. And the best thing is that I`m going to be at this event!!!
marcelt (319 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-28 at: 02:23
THNXfor posting. I didn't know Otmar Diagne, but he seems to be Dutch champion. He's from FFC, a strong camp. Lucien Carbin also trains Tyrone Spong. Otmar fought Laursen before.
Stevelmans is from Vos Gym (Hoost, Yvel, Bonjasky, Rijker) but has a strong opponent. Orono fought a couple of times in the Netherlands already. Good luck Warren & Otmar.
marcelt (319 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-28 at: 02:24
Kongpipop Petchyindee is a dubble Lumpinee champion, champion of Thailand in two different weightclasses and also an WBC world champion, In other words a living Muay Thai machine with 81 wins of 111 fights. Kongpipop had no problem making the weight as he weight in at 69.1 Kg

Tough opponent for Otma. I am afraid he won't make it, but still hope so.
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-28 at: 02:32
This event should have deserved more detailed attention if it weren't for the spectacular weekend it's scheduled on; some interesting fighters can offer a good show; I'm particularly curious about the performance of Stevelmans, Karlsson and Nilsson; an eye should also be kept on Gromark, his latest progress is encouraging
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-28 at: 06:23
This is the way it should look like, great report Daniel and great initiative to invite these top fighters to Battle of Sweden!
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-29 at: 10:01
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