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K-1 Rumble Of The Kings Norrköping - Fightreport

A jaw made of stone, a scream of relief and an human sledgehammer, K-1 Rumble
of the Kings delivered once again.


Friday the 27th of February 2009,

The second stop for the Rumble Of The Kings qualification tour was held at
the brand new STADIUM ARENA in Norrköping Sweden. A magnificent arrangement
with impressive lightsettings and sweet tones from Frank Sinatra welcomed
the expectant crowd to the arena. The first fight of the night
was an MMA opening fight and the fighters that got the honor to enter
the ring first was Carlos Prada and Tobias Hellström

Opening fight, MMA-rules Carlos Prada ( SWE ) Vs Tobias Hellström ( SWE )

Immediately at the start of the fight Carlos runs out from his corner and
tries to land an jumping knee to Hellströms head, Hellström manages to avoid
the attack and swiftly lands a counter knee of his own. The fighters ends up
at the ground where Carlos is the fighter in top position and takes control.
Carlos shows his strength as he lifts and tries to slam Hellström. After
some more wrestling on the ground Carlos finds a gap in Hellströms defense
and he catches him in an perfectly executed triangle choke. Hellström has no
chance of escaping the triangle and taps out.

Winner R1 by Triangle choke: Carlos Prada

Unique for this event was the mix of the different fighting sports, MMA K-1
and pro boxing. As the crowd was warmed up by the MMA opening fight the
"real event" now started with an K-1 superfight between two young talents.

Fight 1. K-1 Rules, David Teymur (Swe) Vs Kittisak Noiwibon ( Thai ) 

David likes to fight aggressively and he wastes no time as he puts the
pressure up on Noiwibon from the start. David puts together solid
powerful combinations and Noiwibon focus on a tight guard and counters well
with his right hand and kicks. The pace is very high and Noiwibon gets
caught by a lot of hard kicks and punches from David. The first round goes
clearly to David and it seems like Noiwibon hasn't really come in to the
fight yet.

In the second round Noiwibon starts of more aggressively and the fighters
ends up in some blistering toe to toe action where they both give and take a
lot of damage.At the end of the round David once again seems to be the stronger fighter and catches Noiwibon with a hard series of punches.

The third round sees two fatigued fighters but David still has a lot of
power left in his hands and his punches moves Noiwibon around the ring.
Both fighters gives their all and alot of will is shown. Noiwibon shows some good timing as he snipers in his counter attacks but
it's a little too little too late.
After three well fought and tuff rounds the fight went to the scorecards

Winner by Decision 3-0 David Teymur

Fight 2. K-1 rules, Joakim " Yukay" Karlsson (Swe) Vs Christian Klingenberg (Den) 

In good Muay Thai custom both fighters "feel each other out" in the opening
minute of the first round, Karlsson has a solid guard and moves easily away
from Klingenbergs attacks. Suddenly like a thunder from the sky
Karlsson catches Klingenberg with a devastating right hook. Klingenberg
falls to canvass badly shaken but not beaten and he gets up on his feet and
receives and eight count.

The second round sees a more aggressive Klingenberg but
he gets countered a lot as he tries to make his way past Karlsson defense.
Once a again Karlsson brings out the thunder from the sky and knocks down
Klingenberg with a right hook. Klingenberg receives yet another eight count
and is putunder a lot of pressure from Karlsson who tries to end the
fight. Klingenberg survives the storm and protect himself well and catches
Karlsson with some good counter attacks that rocks Karlsson back.

In the final round both fighters give and take and they are both tired from
the exsplovie first rounds, Klingenberg lands a nice head kick but Karlsson
is in the driver seat and contolls the fight well and fights smartly. Klingenberg showed alot of heart in this fight and Karlsson showed his power and exelent timing.

Winner by Decision 3-0 Joakim "Yukay" Karlsson

The card then moved back to two MMA fights consisting of two of Sweden's
most promising MMA fighters. 177 cm tall and 95 Kilos muscle Ilir Latifi and
the Finnfight European champion Joakim Engberg.

Fight 3. MMA Rules, Luis Silva (Por) Vs Ilir "The sledgehammer" Latifi (Swe) 

Ilir jumps into the action and gets a fast hold of Silva, after some
grappling and clinching Ilir lifts and tosses Silva to the ground and then
starts to hammer down his trademark sledge hammer fists. Silva has no chance
and taps the mat in a frenzy, the crowd goes wild and the referee is quick
to stop the fight. And so the fight was over almost even before it begun, a
very impressive win for the sledgehammer Ilir.

Winner by submission "strikes",   Ilir Latifi

 Fight 4. MMA Rules, Kevin Reed ( Wales ) Vs Joakim Engberg ( Swe )

Engberg manages to get the big and strong Reed on the mat after a leg sweep
from klinch, from guard position Engberg works Reed`s body with punches and
lingure moves. In an attempt to get free Reed tries to stand up but it
results in Engeberg taking Reed`s back. Reed fights desperately for more
than a minute to get Engberg away from his back, but Engberg holds on
tight and refuses to let go. After almost two minutes of pure fighting
spirit from both fighters, Engberg finally slips in the rear naked chocke
and Reed taps out.

Winner By Submission, rear naked choke, Joakim Engberg

 Fight 5. K-1, Rules Serginio Cairo (  Hol  ) Vs Jonathan Gromark ( Swe* ) 

From the start of the fight Gromark lands several crushing left roundhouse
kicks to Cairo`s upper body, Cairo answers with good left hooks and hard
right kicks. At the end of the first round Gromark starts to bleed from the
nose after receiving an perfectly timed right hook from Cairo, Gromark in
return catches Cairo with a ground shaking uppercut in the final second of the
first round.

The second round is also close, hard and packed with alot of boxing moves.
Cairo connects with the hooks and Gromark with combinations. Both fighters
move forward and the toe to toe action is almost constant thru out the

The third resumes in the same way and both fighters gets caught hard several
times, the fight turns back and forward and an both fighters seems to be
looking for the KO. After three very well fought and exciting rounds this
fight also went to the score cards.

Winner By Decision Round 3. Jonathan Gromark

Fight 6. K-1 Rules Oliver Kessler ( Ger ) Vs Abbe Joof ( Swe ) 

It`s wounderfull to see a fighter when he fights at his best and is full of
confidence. Joof showed us just that at this fight by constantly putting
Kessler under pressure and not backing down. Joof was aggressive and landed
several series of hard hooks combined with knees witch clearly took the gas
out of Kessler. At the end of the first round Kessler was visibly tortured
by Joofs attacks and he did not have much to answer with.

The second round was controlled and totally owned by Joof, Kessler tried to
counter but almost none of his attacks passed Joof`s guard. About two
minutes in to the round Joof presses the tired Kessler in to the corner and
catches him with his rock solid right hand, Kessler went down hard and the
referee stopt the fight. A great win and fine display of skill, power and Techinc by Joof.

Winner by RSC Round 2. Abbe Joof

For the fans of K-1 the highlight of the event was the much anticipated and
hyped re-match between Dzhabar " Jabba" Askerov and Marcus Öberg,
Last time they fought each other was at the K-1 Rumble of the Kings 2008
tournament final. The stakes where sky high as a ticket to the K-1 MAX final
16 and a big check with a lot of zero`s stood at line. Öberg won that fight
by Doctor stoppage in the third round, a stoppage that turned out to become
a hot debated. Askerov claimed that he would have knocked Öberg out if the
fight would have continued and Öberg claimed that he was in control of the
fight and that he would have won by points any way. The only way to clear
the air once and for all was to let them fight again and see who the best
fighter truly is.

Fight 7. K-1 MAX re-match Dzhabar Askerov ( UAE ) Vs Marcus Öberg ( Swe ) 

The fighters enter the ring to the sound of loud music, smoke and flashing
lights, and the tension gets thicker and thicker. Both fighters look
extremely focused and well prepared for the task ahead of them, they both
now that all that matters tonight is a win. The crowd cheers their names and
the corner men apply the last layer of Vaseline on the eyebrows, the referee
brings the fighters to the center of the ring, It`s time!

Askerov set the tone of the fight with the first kick, a lowkick so hard
that the sound of leg smashing in to leg echos around the arena. Öberg
answers back with a well executed combination that finds it`s mark.
Askerov`s game plan seems to be to work his way up close and use his deadly
hooks, Öberg`s seems to be to use his reach advantage and keep Askerov at a
safe distance by using his long jab and powerful left kick. The first round
is close, Askerov uses maximum power in all of his techniques and Öberg
replies in the same way.

Askerov puts Öberg under pressure in the beginningof the second round by using his hard hooks and low kicks, Öberg holds a tight guard and counters. Midway thru the round Askerov makes his way past Öbers guard and lands a huge right hook to Öberg`s chin, for a moment it seems like the whole arena holds it`s breath, - will Öberg get knocked down or will he stand? Öberg stands, he has taken Askerovs best shot and he is
still standing! Clearly shaken but not downed Öberg fights back agressivly and puts
together several series of jabs, hooks and kicks.

Askerov targets Öberg`s
body in the third round, hard hooks combined with kicks seems to do the
trick and slows Öberg down. Askerov applies more pressure but Öberg still
counters excellent and connects well with his jabb and kicks. Eventho both fighters are tired the pace is still high and the fight is a real war.  When the bell
rings both fighters raise their hand in the air seemingly confident of the
win. After about a minute the ring announcer reads the judges' score cards.
Judge 1,   29- 28 Öberg, Judge 2, 29- 29 Draw, Judge 3, 29 -29 Draw! 


Stepping in to the extra round both fighters fight straight out of their
hearts, the fatigued and tired Öberg still lands the successful combos and
score points in the clinch with the knees, Askerov swings the big right hook
with mixed success, and seems to be hoping for a KO win. At the end of the
extra round the fighters step up toe to toe and let the final drips of
energy come loose. The bell rings once again and the fight is over. While
waiting for the results to be pronounced Öberg and Askerov hug each other in
what only can be seen as they now buried the axe.

 Winner by Decision after extra round: Marcus Öberg.

When hearing the results Öberg jumped up and cheered a scream of relief, he
had proven that he indeed was a rightfully winner and that all doubts now
can be forgotten.

In his post fight interview he said that it was a hard but fun fight and
that he got his motivation boosted by his trainers and by the fans that
cheered for him.

The last fight of the event was a professional boxing fight, in which
Norrköpings very talented and promising fighter Andreas Gustavsson would
make his professional debut against the more experienced Liviu Ungureanu
from Rumania.

Fight 8: Professional boxing 3* 4 min super heavyweight  

The final fight turnd out to be a great ending to this fantastic event. Gustavsson who where both bigger, stronger
and faster had a day of target practice with Ungureanu`s head. Gustavsson
had control of the fight all four rounds and Ungureanu did not have much to
set against the better Gustavsson. Several times in the fight the crowed
stood at their feet certain that Ungureanu would get knocked down, but
somehow Ungureanu managed to take one devastating punch to the jaw after the other. His jaw of stone kept him standing but he was never close to challenge the
powerfull and accurate Gustavsson.

 Winner by Decision after 4 rounds: Andreas Gustavsson


To summarize this event I would like to say that it was a magnificent event
packed with action and hard well fought fights combined with an perfectly
organized promotion. The mixture of K-1 MMA and Boxing in the same event
was a success and it will be an great plesure and very interesting to follow these fighters as the tour continues to Malmö in May.

more information about Rumble of the Kings can always be found at www.k-1.se

Pictures from the weighins http://www.k-1.se/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=785

The show will be broadcast in Sweden on TV4 Sport, 13/3 22:00 and will be delay-broadcast internationally on Fox Sport. Contact local providers for broadcast times.

Pictures from every fight "picture movie" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD6CK0QzwuI

Special thanx to Rumble Of The Kings, the event producer Kasra, the fine photos from Oskal and the support and help from Kim.

 Written by Daniel for www.fansofk1.com


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stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 01:09
Great job Daniel! I liked your report very much
Gry (35 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 01:39
Great report Daniel! This was a very well- organized gala that you just want to see more of =)
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 10:48
Good job mate! You made a great report once again of an amazing event. Thanks to all that participated in this to make it happen.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 11:04
Thanks Daniel, very good report!
Jonas Jonasson (1 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 04:38
Kan bara säga, vilket jäkla grymt event!! Klockrent! Sköna fights, bra tryck på arenan och sist men absolut inte minst VÄL organiserat..

Här har ni en länk till MINA bilder..
http://www .jjfoto.se/albums/rotk/ (tryck play och luta er tillbaka).

Har ett helt gäng till med bilder skulle någon vara intresserad av någon kopia eller liknande hojta.. Alla bilder (C)2009 jjfoto.se !!!
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 06:04
Cool I am really waiting to see VIDEO of this event. Thanks!!!!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 10:35
Thanx for the comments, im a bit suprised that anyone managed to read the whole article haha,, it got a bit to long but i wanted to write an article with detaild information about each fight... I guess this type of articles suites some members better then others. At the officla page www.k-1.se you have an great alternative fightreport for those who like brief reports.

About the event i agree with Kim, it was amazing! The Arena was perfect for this type of a event and all fights held a top level. Congratz to ROTK and too all of us that got to experince this great event live.
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 08:37
Was there a TV broadcast?
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 09:31
@Chrzan: The event will be broadcast on a swedish sportchannel in 14 days. It was very professionally.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 09:50
Information from www.k-1.se

The Rumble of the Kings qualification round in Norrkoping attracted a sellout crowd of 2 468 to the Stadium Arena in Norrkoping. The show will be broadcast across Sweden with delay on the TV4 Sport, and will be delay-broadcast internationally on Fox Sport. Contact local providers for broadcast times.
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 03:39
Thanx for another great report Daniel!
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 05:27
Thanks. So there's a chance sb will upload Oberg vs Askerov on YT.
Gry (35 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-03 at: 12:09
K-1 in Norrköping will be broadcast 13/3 22:00 at TV4 Sport
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