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K-1 "Rules Event" Hungary Feb 28, 2009

Source: K-1 Hungary

Upcoming Event on Feb 28th 2009 (this Saturday) in Budapest, Hungary. 

I searched online for it and it was hard to find especially since I am Canadian and my Hungarian is zero.  Not alot of known K-1 fighters but Catalan Morasanu and Ignashov are fighting.  It looks like it may be worth watching and last year was decent enough.  The main event features two talented and experienced fighters in my opinion.

Ignashov vs. Poturak

Personally I think this is worth seeing.

If anyone can post stream and / or videos of this event that would be great!

The links to the event (in Hungarian):








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Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-23 at: 08:56
thanx for posting Eric, i think you did a good job with your first article =)
LaMa (65 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 04:32
Thanks for the info, didn't know about this event :-) Ignashov is definately exciting, and Morosanu will surely display some entertaining fireworks.
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 05:16
@ LaMa and Daniel, man I tried to hit the link and it comes up witn "Not Found" on my PC were you able to access the links provided?

D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 06:11
Eric, you said "you searched online for it" .... but didn't search at FansOfK1??

Here's an article of Febr. 5th:
http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=1831&Ca tegory=1
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 09:41

Oops oh well I tred to be original, you got me.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 10:13
well the information about Catalan Morasanu was news to me, and his name was not in the article that you posted D-rop so thats good information. And im also possetive to see more members post own written exclusive articles on the site.

Eric, when you want to find news / info about K-1 events, always check fansofk1 first =) lol
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 10:49
@ Eric and Daniel . I wanted to say exactly what Daniel said in the last line of his last comment.

Of course it's very good that more members are posting articles these days ...
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-24 at: 11:48
Thanks guys I must say I am not a big computer person but this has been a really nice experience and everyone seems to want to help out so peace out! I am more of a "Fans of K-1" fan myself now than ever. I will promote your website to everyone I can, esp our students and fighters.

If any of you visit Victoria B.C. let me know, come on down to the gym and I'll be happy to meet you.

Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-25 at: 09:07
sounds great Eric, thanx...

Balint (199 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-27 at: 09:51
Hey guys, I'm Hungarian, actually from Budapest, so I could help you out a little bit with this one, at least language-wise.

the link you've posted : http:// www.k-1.hu/200902/090228.html

I might be in need to write a huge breathen post, since there are a lot of background information I could even tell you about some of the Hungarian Fighters, especially Vörös Roland and Győrfi Csaba;

Vörös Roland; 2x muay thai european champion, and 3x thaibox world cup winner

Győrfi Csaba; European and World champion in thaiboxing, at WPKC, European Champion in Kickboxing, also at WPKC
(on a sidenote; I'm training in the same camp as he does..)

theres gonna be a little Turney with 4 professional Hungarian fighters participating,(these 4 people were already selected at former tourneys all over the country)
the schedule is like this:

Győrfi Csaba vs. Pethes Viktor -
Vörös Roland vs. Tóth Gábor -
the winners meet up, and the one wins the tropy will have the chance to get in K-1, Japan

*In an other post I'm gonna translate the article written at the link you've posted before (http:// www.k-1.hu/200902/090228.html)."

In Hungary, K-1 is still at it's very beginning commercially, it's already loved by many people, but yet the biggest commercial televisions cba to broadcast these events,
I hope it's gonna change very soon, prolly after this one..

Balint (199 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-27 at: 10:30
http:// www.k-1.hu/200902/090228.html

translat ing the article;

"K-1 Rules Tournament 2009 in Budapest
2009. february 28. 19.30 (door opening: 18.00)
Papp László Budapest Sport arena"

"Scorpion-danger" in Budapest

"On feb 28, the visitors of the Sport Arena, Papp László will be able to root for a real star ; After four years of pause, the Belorussian badboy, Aleksej Ignashov will return to the international blood-circulation of K-1 in the Hungarian capital.
The man with the nick, "Red Scorpion" - currently living and training in New Zealand - will put the gloves together with the though Bosnian guy - Dzevad Poturak - on a superfight match."

"Ignashov is well known among the fans of K-1, the though guy - who marches into the ring without the least expression of his feelings - has already contended two times in Hungary; in 2006; he beaten Goodridge by decision, a year after he knocked out the Hungarian fighter, Attila Karacs.
Even a huge bravour is connected to the name of Ignashov; He is the only one in the world who actually K.O.-d the guy with the size of a towercrane, Semmy Schilt. His professionality is shown by the fact that he could Never be beaten before time up.”

„Dzevad Poturak/”BH Machine, the Bosnian fighter became famous, when – in 2005- he Knocked out the great Melvin Manhoef in a spectacular fight.
After this fight, the gate towards bigger tourneys opened up for him: in 2005 he also beaten Jorgen Kruth, and in 2006 he contended in Hungary, against Djamal Kasumov (who he beaten by decision). This year in Prague, he beaten Jorgen Kruth again, and he could only be stopped by Sergej Gur - in the semi finals of the Italian K-1 GP.
In 2007, at the European contest - Budapest - he could participate int he finals, and in Prague he actually won the Czech K-1 GP. In 2008 he had some successful fights in Australia, Hong-Kong, Slovakia and Romania.”

„here he is talkig about a Hungarian guy, Sándor Bárdosi getting silver medal on olympics, participating ina n MMA match, and that hes gonna be spectated by Kazuyoshi Ishi in order to be decided whether they can sign an international contract”
Balint (199 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-27 at: 10:37
„There is going to take place an 8 tourney(K-1 rules), in which some of the „success hungry” young guys gonna star.
The Hungarian GP winner Török Dániel, Veres Ádám ad Zentai Máté are going to Represent Hungary. Also there is the Romainian Sebastian Cobanu, the Czech Roman Kleibl, the French Joachim Thomas, the Croatian Mladen Brestovac and the Maroccan Mounir Zekhnini going to step into the ring.
This year it was an important aspect choosing the fighters, not only be technically and physically be trained, but also being mentally on the top, so we can expect entertaining and spectacular fights.
The best fighters of the 8-tourney are automatically buying their tickets to the biggest K-1 events.”

Next to the „big ones” the -70kg is alro be represented int he Arena Papp László (on a sidenote : Papp László was a famous Hungarian boxer). In K-1 Max, 4 Hungarian Fighters, Győrfi Csaba, Pethes Viktor, Vörös Roland and Tóth Gábor are deciding who is the best in a knock out system.”

the text is a bit more stuffed with compositional beauties than I have written, but thats because I'm starting to forget English.


Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-28 at: 10:55
Eric and Balint: Great to have you on FansOfK1.com! We really like it when members help out in providing all the K-1 information that we love to consume! It's what FansOfK1.com is all about.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 04:25
Balint well done and big thanx for the translation,
Eric#108 (40 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 05:52
@ Balint, Wow a translation. COOOOL. Thanks!!
How's the weather in Hungary?

Here in BC it is ~5C and of course raining.
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 09:53
I guess no one cares about the ignashov fight
Balint (199 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-01 at: 10:31
a couple of my friends visited the event, and i had a little talk with one of them;

he said the organisation was great, the matches were exciting though the Hungarian fighters didnt do their best

as I recall Ignashov won, but he said something like that Bosnian guy was surprisingly good. (sorry but I was too much interested in other fights, especially my trainmate's one :) )

The quarter finals of the -70 Hungarian guys was amazing as I've heard

Győrfi Csaba - Pethes Viktor > Pethes Viktor by KO (1) - (it was caused mainly by some unlucky heavy crap stomach kick, which surprised me, cause Csaba never had problems with his stomach)

Vörös Roland - Tóth Gábor >> Vörös Roland (KO) (3) on an exciting match

In the final, Vörös Roland vs. Pethes Viktor >>

Vörös Roland won - they said it was an amazing fight, Vörös pretty much crushed Pethes' legs ( Pethes is v good with legs ) surprisingly the match ended.
so its by decision

Also there was a Fight between Catalin Murosanu (RO) and Musab Gulsari(TUR)

This one was a weird one, the romainian guy knocked the turkish guy out so heavily the ambulance needed to take the guy away.
Like after an hour, the turkish guy got back to his mind..

here are some of the results :

http://w ww.fight.hu/k_1/k_rules_tournament_009_in_budapest_ eredmenyek_3221_460061.html

sad how the media doesnt give a crap on these events, I could hardly find any information about the results a day after the event :/

D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 12:10
@Balint, you could hardly find any information? Maybe you should look at our own site FansOfK1.com. A long time before you posting this comment, there already was an article about the results... http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=1895&Ca tegory=1
Balint (199 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-02 at: 09:51
my apologies

on a sidenote, I've seen the Ignashov match, and Poturak really gave him a challenge.
If the event wasn't about the returning of the Red Scorpion, they might have given the win to Poturak.
Posted: 2009-07-03 at: 10:20
i want to fight with the k-1 guys am form ghana power zone kickboxing club
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