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Spong plans for K-1 succes


As we all have great interest in the career of coming-man Tyrone Spong, I thought you guys would like reading this article:

Thursday, 29 January 2009
 Tyrone Spong ‘ready and working harder for k-1'
ROGUE insider feature

Arguably, undeniably, undoubtedly and admirably Tyrone ‘King of the ring' Spong is one the most talented kick fighters to walk mother earth at present. Having had a purple patch of an unbeaten run of almost two years, Spong has made massive inroads with a skill set of the best in the world. Touted to fight Nathan ‘Carnage' Corbett on several occasions which never happened, he has his sights firmly on K-1 success.

Team Golden Glory member and K1 Hawai 2008 GP winner will square off against Spong on May 15th in Amsterdam but has a prior appearance with a yet to be named opponent in March, Yokohama. It will be a significant move for him as the Japanese crowds are sure to respond to his entertaining and no nonsensical style.

Big names such as Hari, Bonjasky, Schilt and Aerts have been named for this card. However we will go for a lucky pick with probably Ruslan Karaev given a crack at Spong.

When roguemag.com spoke of his K-1 engagements, Spong who was amidst his usually gruelling training stressed on his hard work ahead...

‘I am training very hard for this year ahead and looking to improve a bit more. Putting on good muscle as we go is helping me and my speed stays the same. So I am happy at how things are. Things are going to plan and that's good' said Spong.

When quizzed on the Saki fight and how experienced his opponent is for May, he was philosophical. ‘Before that fight I have a K1 fight in Japan, I don't know yet who I will fight but as I said before I am training hard. Looking at learning more and becoming complete-I will work on my first fight and then think about the Saki fight. That for me is the focus' he further added.

Probably facing a prospect of running out of opponents at cruiser weight and an ever illusive bout with Aussie star Nathan Corbett seemingly a non event.

We couldn't resist but ask again, will it happen?

‘I am ready any day and I am here to fight. Like I said before I am sure someone can make it happen. We will see who the better fighter is....': would weight be of an issue, we quizzed, ‘I don't think so, we can agree on a weight and fight' replied Spong.

K-1 for the moment seems to be the path he will pursue, buoyed by the success against men like Zabit Samedov and Garry Turner. Samedov, who most critics argue as one of the future stars in making. Spong made Samedov look pedestrian in five rounds of flawless Muay Thai.

‘Training hard and becoming better rounded is my main goal for the moment. As always I will take one fight at a time, but at the same time I will look for new challenges. K-1 is something I am hoping to do well on and I will do my best', he further added.

Being the quintessential modern day fighter with speed and power to burn, Tyrone will be one to watch as twenty-o-nine unravels to be an interesting year. When he fights, do not blink, chances are you may miss something special.

From: Rogue Magazine


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Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-29 at: 01:04
Interesting read, thnx for posting D-rop!
Spong will definitely be the one to watch in 2009. I hope he gets offered some interesting match-ups. Someone like Karaev is indeed a good choice. But his upcoming fight against Saki should promise to be an excitement on its own.
The only thing that could go wrong, is the hype. Allthough he just keeps living up to the expectations.
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-29 at: 10:52
I am looking forward to seeing him fight top competition.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-30 at: 12:02
Entering K-1 will be a real test for him, i belivee he will do well but I think that he might need to gain a couple of more Kilos before he can beat fighters like Remy and Badr.

thanx for posting D-rop
ricardo (126 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-30 at: 05:03
he`s a very promise fighter but i don`t think right now is on level of ruslan and saki.. but this two next fights of tyrone will be very excitement for sure.
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