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Translation of the Badr Hari documentary

Badr Hari documentary translation

Here's my translation of the documentary (video posted by Ali: http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=1782&Category=3 ) I hope I did it okay, because some things are just lost in translation from Dutch to English.

 00:00-00:56 In this scene Harink and Hari are packing some trophies, because they're moving to a new gym location.
Harink: Nowadays they don't fight for trophies this size. Today they have to be big shiny ones.This here is a freefight trophy. They're saying freefight is very popular these days, but look this trophy is from 1972. That's when we were already involved in tournaments.(...) This is Badr. He ‘s one of the upcoming champions. He recently won a tournament in which he knocked out all three opponents in the second round. He is the new sensation in the Dutch kickboxing federation.

 00:57-02:01 After practice getting a drink
Hari: That's what we train for. Tokio. That's the heavyweights, that's where you can make the money and earn your bread. He fights there too (addresses Lloyd van Dam). What do you earn by the way?

 Van Dam: It all depends on the fighter. You could make thousands there.

 Hari: More like tens of thousands, let's keep it at that!

 Harink: We talked about going for a record, didn't we? Five times. Eddie Merckx (Dutch cyclist), five times the Tour the France. Badr, five times the K1.

 Hari: Yeah, that's what I told you.

 Harink: But you're gonna need more than one accountant, you're gonna need three!

 02:02-04:26 In the gym
Come on ladies, you're dragging. You got a match soon. Pick up the pace, you're looking like a bunch of old ladies today. You gotta fight boy!

 Harink to his fighters: Nowadays when you have a fight, you've got to train your ass off. Your condition needs to build up. Train as much as you can, everyday, twice a day. If you're not here, at least go out running. I understand some of you have jobs, but come to the training. Today there are no more easy matches. There are fighters out there with lesser talent than you guys, but they train so hard that they're gonna win because of it. We can't let that happen. If you got a fight, you're going in there 100%, OK?

 04:27-05:13 Talking to the camera
Hari: I'm a smartass, simple as that. You're a fighter and you'll stay a fighter. Working for a boss? Could I do it? That's the big question. I don't think I can. I'm in this sport my entire life. I've been boxing since I was young. I have never really worked. So working for a boss......I'd rather see me working for myself. That's when it's fun, because you're motivated. Everything you do is for you, everything you earn is for you. That's what's important and that's what I see in this sport. Everything you train is for you and whatever you do, it's for you. That's how I go through life, instead of doing work for other people. That's not my thing.

 05:14-06:06 During training
Harink: Big match coming up soon. So now we're gonna train twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. How's school going? ...what's that? Nothing? Good, then you can train double the time.

 06:07-08-11 Interview (turtleneck)
Hari: A fighter's heart? ...that is what you need to have every day. You can't quit. It's that you achieve what you stand for. That's the heart of a fighter, the nerve to fight for something you want. I want to be the best of the world. In the heavyweights. That is my goal.

   Hari: I see myself as a kickboxer when I'm in the ring or at the gym. When I'm walking outside, I'm a normal person just like everybody else. You've got respect for me and I have respect for you. You say good morning, I say good morning. Honor and respect are very close. If you don't give me any respect, you hurt my honor. And if so, you're gonna have a problem with me. Because I enter the ring with honor and I do everything with my honor. Even if I would get the beating of a lifetime, I would keep standing up just because of my honor. Honor is something you're not afford to lose. That's very important.

 Interviewer: So what is honor exactly?

 Hari: Honor. Honor is a feeling. Honor is something a man has, something he has created. Something you build. You get honor for yourself. You gotta keep it that way. Honor and respect are very close.

 Interviewer: And if I hurt your honor?

 Hari: Then you have a problem with me. Simple as that.

 Interviewer: Then I've got a big problem?

 Hari: Yeah, then you've got a big problem. Because I would never do something to hurt your honor. Never! So if you do it to me, then we've got problem. But with me you could get off lucky, because you only have to apologize and that's enough. But should you continue... well then we're gonna have to find a way to settle it in another way.

 08:12-10:26 Hari packing his bag, walking through the streets full of fight posters.
Harink: You know, I have experienced so much. I worked with young ones for thirty years now. And then...well from some you don't expect it, but it still happens. So it's a fifty-fifty chance.

 Harink motivating Hari
It's gonna be a hard fight, that's what you gotta be prepared for. There's gonna be blood on the pole. You gotta push your limits. Trust me, you gonna find yourself in a position two or three times when you'll be thinking, what have I gotten myself into. But right at that moment you'll continue, understand?

 Hari: The most beautiful thing about this, the thing I get the biggest kick from... And I mean it, the moment when I completely go through the roof, is the moment when I walk to the ring. Because you can't go back. You have to. Everybody is looking at you. You can't just say, hey I don't wanna do it no more, I'm going back to the dressing room. That's impossible. That's the moment I erupt. When you HAVE to go to the ring, that's when I erupt. That's when I go through the roof, that's is the best moment of the entire match. And then I get into the ring, and it is all gone.

 10:27-13:12 Hari fighting
Harink coaching:
Come on fight now, go for it. Kick to the body. To the left, make your points. Relax, hit him in the face. Concentration. In his face! Right in his face! To the jaw, and again. His opponent is a tough guy. Again in his face! He can really take those knees. He's a tough guy, he took three knees to the face.

(after the fight) Fantastic Badr! That guy needs stitches.

 13:13-14:19 Conversation Harink-Hari
OK the reactions after the last match were really good. But now you're getting more and more popular. You're becoming a topfighter. There are gonna be guys circling around you. And some of them won't be good. We've seen this happening before with you. Don't be tempted. These are guys with a lot of money, which they often didn't earn in the right way. But that's their problem. Who are we to judge them, right? But don't get involved with these guys and never let them use you or take advantage of you. I know everybody in this city and sometimes I see people who are up to no good. But I think you're smart enough to know this. You're not gonna be involved with these short term earnings. Ok, that's agreed upon. This Monday we're gonna start training again. We're gonna start off with some light sparring. And by the end of the week, we're gonna turn it up and see where your ability is at right now. And then we're gonna make a plan about the future. OK? Good boy.

 14:20-15:47 following conversation between the two
Harink: What's going on? What is happening with you?

Hari: (mumbles)

Harink: Where were you last week? This next fight is a real tough one. What are you thinking? I can sent you into that ring, but if I only see you two times a week, otherwise it's not gonna be fun for me to say go into the ring and I'll back you up. It's not just winning or losing. It's also getting your ass kicked. You could get hit and I'm responsible for you. Think of your mother. You know how she can be. Think of your parents, they're worried about you. And here I am with a halftrained fighter against a fully trained fighter. And trust me, he is a hard guy, it's gonna be a very hard fight. He's been training very very hard for this fight. You may have more talent, but you won't get anywhere unless you train. It's almost time, we've got less than two weeks left. What do you plan to do about it? Do you say, yes Sensei, I'm gonna train every day? Because otherwise there's no reason for me to let you fight. I'll be honest about that.

 Hari: No, were gonna go for it, right?

 Harink: But do you promise to come train tonight? If you don't come to training every day from now on, I'm not going to back you up. You can go and fight on your own, I mean it Badr. I've got a weak spot for you, you're like a son to me. Even when you were little. I've explained it to you before. Don't think I'm gonna be there just because you win every fight on KO. That's not how it works.  

 15:48-16:59 Hari jogging and training
Harink: I'm very amazed. He's had so little training and he's having a hard time with Ramadan and the eating and all. But look at him, he's hitting the pads like crazy. It's just unbelievable. Really, I'm truly amazed. He's got something very few people have. And if he keeps it going he's gonna be one of the biggest fighters we've ever had. That's what you do it for. You can't explain to him how much satisfaction it gives you.

 17:00-ending. More fights, btw: look at that first fight, he greets the guy, then immediately punches him and then the KO on the back of the head. He sure earned his nickname as a badboy. But where is the respect? ;-)

Hari then talks to his mother about the tournament:
Mom? I'm the Dutch champion. Yeah great, three knockout. One in the second round and two in the first round. But I'm okay, No problems here. (etc) Bye Mom

(I know the documentary didn't end here, so if someone can find the other half, I'd be more than happy to translate it as well. I recall a scene of Harink jogging in the morning and doing a kyokushin kata after his run)


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Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 12:27
Rob you are from now on my personal hero!

What a great job you have done and i thank you so mutch for taking the time to do this translation.

Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 01:12
Thnx, no prob. It's fun to do and I like to contribute on the site.
At first I wanted to do small parts, but before I knew it, I was almost done. So I decided to do the whole thing.

There's some great stuff in there. I like the classic pupil-teacher conversations between Hari and Harink. And of course the lecture Hari gives on respect and honor has a form of dramatic irony to it.
You can already tell this guy had some 'issues' on the age of 18. But he sure was ánd is very talented.
I remember going to the Amsterdam Arena where Ignashov was supposed to fight Manhoef, but Manhoef couldn't make it. So a 18 year old Hari stepped into the ring to face Iggy in his prime! Talk about respect. His entire entrance lasted longer than the fight, but he sure went all out that night.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 01:14
Awesome Rob. Thank you very much and keep it up!

Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 01:56
Great that you translated it! It was very interesting. Interesting to read his thoughts on respect and honor...
samout (261 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 03:18
thank you very much for this transalation
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 06:40
thanks alot Rob! I know that can be a pain in the ass. Harink seems like he is a good coach and motivator.

Thats awesome that you were able to attend that fight, I have read that is where many people gained respect for hari because he stepped in at such a short notice against a very tough opponent. He looked good too.

Do you know why Hari eventualy left Harink?
MOHAMMED AII (31 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 07:20
nice rob
but eddy merxx is from belgium
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 10:25
@Mohammed ali: Oops, my bad! Say isn't Belgium that southern province of Holland?? ;) Cycling isn't my thing, so there's my poor excuse.

@Ali: No I don't really know why he left Harink. Perhaps he wanted to change trainer to see if he could get better. Would be interesting to find out.

About the fight against Ignashov, Hari did indeed go all out. That of course earns you a lot of respect. Remember he was just 18 years old then. He wasn't as big and heavy as he is now (not that he's is one of the heaviest now, but you get the idea).
I do have to say, you kinda got the impression Ignashov was ..hmm..searching for the right word here...'toying' is to humiliating. But you could feel the advantage Ignashov had on him. Hari did great, but it's almost as if Ignashov had enough of it at one point and finished him with a KO. Highlight of the night was of course Ignashov's entrance....brrr goosebumps all over!
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 10:31
do have a link to any of his entrances?
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-14 at: 11:00
I found the fight of Hari versus Ignashov. I don't know if it is already posted in the video section, but here it is:

part1: h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuXFZ0qwoS4
p art2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maZhs UlS1rA&feature=related

Ignashov's entrance song is the best. I don't have the title, but it's a song by Aphex Twin. Here's a link to the song: h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5j3CORfxmw
The images have nothing to do with it of course. It's a great piece of music. They sampled a nerve reking violin solo which fits perfectly to his Eastern European background.
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-15 at: 08:30
I see what you are saying Rob, that entrance song is awesome!
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-16 at: 03:05
Amazing job, Rob. It's really very interesting and also ironic to hear Hari speak like that (and thanks to you some of us could understand him as well). Thanks a lot.
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