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Melvin Manhoef vs. Paul Slowinski K-1 WGP Final 2008

December 06, 2008   Reserve fight


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marcel (5 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-06 at: 04:54
thats a nice KO by manhoef ... yeahh!! slowinski had no change at all
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-06 at: 05:09
somewhat surprised that paul diddent do better, i guess Manhoef was just to fast.

like marcel says, nice KO.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-06 at: 06:47
Really nice combos from Manhoef, he grow a lot in my eyes. More of Manhoef please! =)
Dave (7 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-07 at: 01:53
Melvin was very fit and powerful.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-07 at: 02:11
I thought it would end like this, but not so fast! I thought Paul would throw some combinations before he ended up on the mat. Too bad Manhoef didn't make it into the tournament. And too bad he isn't 15 cm taller ;)
Polakian (39 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-07 at: 02:51
I have to eat my words.

I really thought Slowinski would win but yet again he has a terrible guard slightly better then Ruslans! He needs to watch Bonjasky and learn form the guy who has the best guard at present. Should never leave yourself open to Melvin when hes fresh and undamaged where his strength of speed and power are there. Im super dissapointed, he is much better then that!I I know he will be back.
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-07 at: 07:42
It seems trainings with Hoost didn't help at all...
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-07 at: 09:45
@ Seems like training with hoost didnt help @

I actually think that Paul has become worse since he started training with Hoost. I cant put my finger on why or what but it seems and feels like there is something missing.
Polakian (39 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-08 at: 01:14
I agree at with Chrzan & Daniel about things not working well with Ernesto. It seems he is not as relaxed, and he is thinking too much! As great as Ernesto was his offence was much better then his head defence.He himself has suffered some bad kO's from Cikatic, Lebanner, Fiho, Bernardo etc. all from punches. Paweł already was a great kicker, he needs a good boxing coach and defensive coach and someone to help with his speed. Having said that, Im sure he has learned alot from Ernesto. It just hasent translated well into the ring. But give credit to Melvin, he was fast and accurate and is a legit problem for any fighter if u let him get in your range and u arent careful.
(539 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-08 at: 11:19
Paul is not Ernesto, so perhaps it is a wrong strategy to try and make Paul into a similar style of fighter as his trainer. Maybe they should focus on playing at Pauls strengths, his excellent kicking skills, and combining a "kicking offensive style" with better defense, more like Bonjasky yes. But this was not only Paul not doing so well, it was a very impressive performance by Manhoef. If he decides to concentrate on MMA he will certainly be missed, and be most welcomed back if he changes his mind.
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-10 at: 02:22
I think Paul hasn't sufficiently assimilated Ernesto's teaching of boxing skills, I know he was aware of this weakness of his, but no significant improvement has been made and this fight is further proof
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2008-12-10 at: 11:41
I agree, but let's not forget Manhoef has great boxing skills and an amazing talent for rapid and hard combinations. With Manhoef you can always expect something exciting to happen. Either he or his opponent will go down and if not, he'll at least make it a war.
I would have liked to see him fight Michael McDonald, who has similar boxing skills. But I'm afraid he's too old to fight Manhoef now.
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