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New functionality: K-1 Rankings

Hi folks!

As you might have seen we've just released the FansOfK1.com K-1 Rankings function that you asked for a month or two ago. It is thought of as a ranking list decided by the fans (read FansOfK1.com members). It is not a ranking list of who you like best, rather who you actually think is the best fighter. 

Here's how it works

The 1:st in every month all members will get a new opportunity to vote. You can vote 5 fighters up or down in both the WGP and the MAX list. Voting a fighter up gives the fighter +1 point, voting down -1 point. The list is then calculated by the sum of all up and down votes.

Fighters that does not have a ranking (number in front of their name) has never been given a vote by someone.

What now?

Are you not ranking fighters already? Maybe you've already done your ranking for this month. Please comment what you think of the new function and ask any questions you might have!


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Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 09:00
I like it and it will be interesting to see how it works..

I have found some smaller "bugs" there are some GP fighters like Junichi Sawayashiki thats sorted under K-1 max,

Other then that it looks godd. Great job guys..
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 09:41
Daniel, if you find someone that is in the wrong category (WGP/MAX) you can go directly to the fighters profile and change that.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 02:15
nice feature =)
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 06:41
This seems like some nice fun-stuff to me. And we will have a lot to discuss about ...
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 11:39
Finaly! I've been waiting for this!

There are plenty of retired fighters on the list (like Bernardo or Cikatić - do we rank the best fighters ever??) and some MMA fighters (like Rampage or Calvan, I know they had one or two K-1 fights... but come on...).
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-07 at: 05:52
The fighters in the list are from the Fighter profile section, so there are some fighters that may not be active any more or that has just fighted once in K-1.

Lets just vote on the active fighters though. The other fighters may stay on the bottom of the list and thereby not cause any problems.
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-07 at: 10:21
I see, thanks.
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-10 at: 09:59
fun stuff as usual...love it love it love it.....

it will be interesting to see if winning a dull fight or losing in a great close fight causes a fighter to rise or fall
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