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K-1 Scandinavia Rumble in the Artic, Fightreport

 Luleå, Pontushallen 2008-10-31

 Snow, ice, -6 degrees Celsius and harsh winds. Luleå is a minor city located in the most northern parts of Sweden. If you would travel another 800 kilometres to the north you would be standing at the North pole. For the first time in history K-1 Scandinavia Rumble Of The Kings travelled outside of Stockholm and this event was the first stop for the planned K-1 tour across Sweden.


The event started with an opening fight as the crowd was entering the arena.

OPENING FIGHT: 18:30 (5 R X 3)


Kim Carneus ( SWE) Vs Markus Österblom (SWE)

The taller Österblom controlled this fight well, making good use of his big reach advantage and not letting Carneus stand and trade punches. Carneus had some strong moments in the second and third round where he did manage to close the gap and land some bone crushing boxing combinations. But every time that Carneus got close Österblom punished him with hard straight knees and jabs. After an intense opening of the fourth round Carneus gave up the fight, if he was injured or out of gas never became clear.

Winner by TKO in the fourth round Markus Österblom.

Second fight of the evening was the first of the events 8 SUPERFIGHTS 

SUPERFIGHT 1: (3 R X 3 min- possibility of 1 extra round)


David Teimur ( SWE) Vs Martin Akhtar ( SWE )

This was the type of fight you wish that every fight was like, nonstop action from the first to the last second. None of the fighters backing down and both fighters trading punches like there was no tomorrow. The Younger Teimur was the aggressor and Akhtar stood his ground and countered well. At the end of the second round both fighters has taken a lot of punishment and the crowd was going wild! In the third round both fighters really aimed for the KO. Akhtar gets caught by some hard combos and stumble to the ground, he gets up fast but receives a standing eight count. The pace continues in the same way and moments later both fighters look groggy. Once again Akhtar gets caught by a series of hard blows and receives yet another standing eight count. In the dying seconds of the fight Akhtar tries his best to win the fight back, but he is out of time. After three extremely entertaining rounds the fight went to the score cards.

Winner by Decision 3-0 after three rounds David Teimur.

SUPERFIGHT 2: (3 R X 3 min - possibility of 1 extra round) 


Driton Rama ( SWE) Vs Daniel Nordås ( NOR )

Nordås was supposed to fight Marcus Öberg, but since Öberg got injured a week before the event the reserve Driton Rama took his place. Driton is a smart fighter and in this fight he proved it well using his excellent guard and countering with well aimed low kicks and jabs. Nordås seemed very frustrated, unable to penetrate Rama`s guard with his boxing, getting countered every time he tried something. The fight looked like this during all three rounds, Nordås unable to connect and Rama swiftly countering. Not the most dramatic fight ever, but a cleaver and well fought fight by Driton Rama.

Winner by Splitt Decision 2-1 after three rounds Driton Rama.

SUPERFIGHT 3: (3 R X 3 min - possibility of 1 extra round)


Alexander Svensson ( SWE ) Vs Joakim "Yukay" Karlsson ( SWE )

This was yet another great fight and the man in the spotlight was Joakim Karlsson. Karlsson started the fight in a raging tempo with punches hard as bricks shot out of a cannon. Svensson tried his best to counter and avoid Karlsson`s combinations but got caught hard several times. At the end of the second round Svensson looked like he was ready to give up the fight, clearly in pain after a brutal series of body blows from Karlsson. But Svensson managed to regain enough power to survive the round. In the third both fighters where rather fatigued and Karlsson took the opportunity to entertain the crowd with some nice taunts. It was clear to everyone in the arena that Karlsson would be the winner when the final bell rang.

Winner by Decision 3-0 after three rounds Joakim " Yukay " Karlsson

SUPERFIGHT 4: (3 R X 3 min - possibility of 1 extra round)


Jonathan Gromark ( SWE ) Vs Miika Kunninen ( FIN )

 The fast hitting and well rounded Gromark opened the fight strongest, putting in some solid boxing combos followed up by kicks and knee strikes. Kunninen kept a good guard and was able to avoid most of Gromarks attacks. During the second round the fight turned, Kunninen was now the fighter that controlled the fight and put pressure on Gromark. Kunninen tried and landed some beautiful right high kicks, and looked to be in full control of the fight. In the third Kunninen was more precise in his attacks and seemed to be the fighter with the most gas in the tank. Gromark tried different techniques to surprise his opponent, including an excellent axe kick, but Kunninen avoid it swiftly. In the end of the fight they clinched up a lot, and there were also some hard toe to toe action and blood stained canvas.

Winner By Decision 3-0 after three rounds Mikka Kunninen.

SUPERFIGHT 5: (MMA Rules 3 R X 5 min)


Nicolai Osei ( DEN )  Vs Tor Troeng ( SWE )

In difference to the previous K-1 Scandinavia events, this event also included one MMA fight. Tor Troeng, a local fighter and fans favourite, had almost the whole arena standing as he walked to the ring. Troeng quickly took control of the fight, stressing Osei and looking for an opening. Osei moved backwards in circles also looking for an opening. Not to much happened in the first round, and the start of the second looked the same. But then, about a minute into the second round, Osei dropped his guard for half a second, Troeng saw his chance and floored Osei with an devastating left punch. In the next moment Troeng has full mount and hammers the defeated Osei. The referee quickly stops the fight.

Winner by TKO in the second round Tor Troeng.

SUPERFIGHT 6: (3 R X 3 min- possibility of 1 extra round) 


Christian Klingenberg ( DEN ) Vs Marco Pique ( SUR )

Klingenberg starts as the more active fighter, trying different techniques, putting in some nice low kicks. Pique seems extremely concentrated and scans his opponent`s every move. After about two minutes Pique has found an opening on his opponents defence and hammers him with hard left hooks to the body. The second round had just started when Pique once again found an opening in Klingenbergs defence. Pique feints a low kick, but instead lands a lightning fast straight right. Klingenberg falls like in slow motion to the canvas and the KO is a fact.

Winner by KO, 0:30 in round two Marco Pique.

SUPERFIGHT 7: (3 R X 3 min- possibility of 1 extra round) 


Dave Meijer ( HOL ) Vs Abbe Joof ( SWE )

Joof comes out hard from the start of the fight, wasting a lot of energy but also connecting with both punches and hard kicks to Meijers mid section. Meijer answers up with solid boxing and low kicks. The second round continues with hard toe to toe action and Meijer targets Joof`s body. This clearly has affect on Joof, and he gets pressed into the red corner, receiving a lot of damage from Meijers attacks. In the third both fighters a very fatigued. Joof seems to fight straight out of his heart and refuses to give in. After nine intense minutes this fight also went to the judges' scorecards.

Winner by Decision 3-0 after three rounds Dave Meijer.

SUPERFIGHT 8: (5 R X 3 min)


Denis Schneidmiller ( GER ) Vs Dzhabar Askerov ( UAE )

The events final fight was a rematch between the fast hitting Denis Schnidmiller and the hard hitting Dzhabar Askerov. This fight was also a title fight for the European WMC title.

The first round started rather slow, both fighters on their toes and with tight guard. Askerov controlled the center of the ring, Schneidmiller moved smoothly around Askerov in circles. Schnedmiller demonstrates excellent boxing technique as he unloads series of punches at lightning speed. Askerov handles the punches well and takes them into clinch a lot and connects with knees and throws from it. Each round has the same pattern to it, Schneidmiller works his way in up close and unleashes his fast boxing combos. Askerov goes to clinch and knees from there. In the fourth and fifth round Schnedmiller is the more aggressive fighter and continues to unload the combos. Askerrov tries a round kick and some hard punches, but it's from the clinch that he scores his points. After a well fought technical fight both fighters rise their hand in the air feeling confident of the win.

Winner by decision 3-0 after five rounds, Dzhabar Askerov.

Not everyone in the crowd liked that decision and some loud voices were heard.

To summarize this event it can be said that it was a nice event with well fought technical fights. A lot of heart was shown from many of the fighters, and the event made us hungry to see more.

I spoke to a lot of people in the crowd after the event and the overall impression was that it was a well organized and successful event. The fight between Teimur and Akthar was the most entertaining fight according to the people i asked, closely followed by the fight between Svensson and Karlsson. All of the people I spoke to hoped that K-1 Scandinavia some day would return to Luleå so that they could re-live this great experience again.

Written by Daniel at fansofk1 exclusivly for fansofk1

photos taken by Oskal

Ideas and help with organisation by Gry and Madde.


 Abbe looks like a true fan of k1 =)

 One happy Makus Österblom

 klingenberg knocket out

  Pique surprised by our cameraman Oskal.

Jabbar walking in to the ring

 Jabbar and Jocke after the titel fight.

 Closing Cermony

 Jocke and Jabbar got new clothes

 More pictures will be aded later.



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Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-02 at: 10:39
Great report Daniel!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-02 at: 10:45
well it was an great event so it was easy to write about it =)
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-03 at: 11:16
A fine work by Daniel, everyone can get a very precise idea of what happened there, thanks, it seems u had a good time
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-03 at: 12:10
Great report Daniel. We have the new Monty DiPietro in our midst ....
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-03 at: 12:46
Great stuff! Thanks Daniel!
Gry (35 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-03 at: 04:36
I hade a great time in Luleå and all fights were entertaining...

Even fightermag.se used this articel.. Congratulations Daniel!
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-03 at: 10:07
I wish I could be there. Thanks once again for a well written fight report and pics! Keep up the good job D. =)
dennis (2 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 04:52
cool report was great event
dennis (2 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 04:53
when will ther be more pictures.?
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-06 at: 06:43
nice series of pics, along with the detailed report, it helps one make an idea of what happened there
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-07 at: 04:38
Despite their defeats, I keep expecting much from Gromark and Klingenberg, I would like to hear your opinion of these two fighters
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-09 at: 08:23
well pablo keep im happy to inform you that they are both gonna fight at the next Rumble of the Kings event in Norrköping!! Gromark will face one of my favorite "old school" fighters, Tofan Pirani, and Klingenberg will take on Joakim "Yukay" Karlsson..
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-10 at: 11:14
yes I have already read all about in your nice report on that event, do you plan any special covering of the event? are you ackwainted to both fighters? maybe u could do some interview job there ;)
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-01-10 at: 12:00
Pablo you know me by now =),, offcourse i will be in Norrköping and i will do an article about it just like this one.. I know more about Gromark then i do about Klingenberg, but yes it would be great to do interviews with both of them, and i will see if i can arrange that in some way..
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