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Interview Badr Hari

"I have the best scenario" Badr Hari is confident of winning the champion.

Badr Hari who is known as "Prince Devil" has beaten Hong-Man Choi in Seoul. Now, he going to face with Peter Aerts at "FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2008 FINAL". He shows his fangs and attacks one of the most experienced fighters!!


I got down but it was nothing.

-- You beat Hong-Man Choi, who had a big support from his home country, at the "WGP Final 16" in Seoul. How was the fight?
Badr : It went well. He was a big guy. It made me a little bit hard to reach him, you know. But I did what I could do.
-- Was it difficult to fight against him?
Badr : I tried to knock him out in the first two rounds, but he had very strong chin. At one point, I realized that it was almost impossible to get his jaw.
-- It must be heard to knock out such a tall guy.
Badr : Well, yes. I changed my tactics during the 3rd round to concentrate on his body. I think that became the key of the match.
-- He put you down on the mat once. Did that affect your fight?
Badr : If a fight has a lot of actions, you have to take a risk, you know. He is very heavy with about 150 kg, so that everyone can be finished with one punch.
-- Yes, we can understand that...
Badr : If you want to fight, you know that you can be taken down or knocked down once in a while. That was one of the things could happen during a fight. So, it was nothing to me.

I will beat Peter before he retires.

-- You could not knock down Hong-Man Choi this time. Is that a problem to you?
Badr : My fans believe that I can make a miracle all the time. Off course, I go for a knock out always but it does not happen in a game all the time. If my opponent had a normal chin and normal posture, I am sure that I could have knocked out. Well, he was very big.
-- Did you know that Hong-Man Choi never lost his fight by KO except once against Mighty Mo?
Badr : I change my strategy during a fight if necessary. I always do my best. As you know, I always try to knock out my opponent so did to Hong-Man Choi.
-- We know your spirit very well. By the way, could you please tell us how you feel about fighting with Peter Aert up coming K-1 WGP Final?
Badr : I always hoped to fight against Peter and Ernesto before they stop fighting. There would be no chance to fight against Ernesto any more. Peter was always on my list.
-- Are you trying to bring in a new generation?
Badr : The chance to fight with Peter will be probably soon end this year or the next year. I want to beat him before I loose the opportunity.
-- Are you saying that you will bury and be done with the experienced fighter?
Badr : Peter is a good guy and I respect him as a fighter. Yet, he cannot stand my aggression and my speed. I will knock him out on the FINAL.
-- Are you confident that you will win the first match against Peter?
Badr : Of Course, I am. This will be a good chance for me to win the Grand Prix and be the champion.

Jerome asked me at the drawing...

-- Semmy Schilt lost against Peter Aerts at the Final 16 in Seoul. How did your feel about that?
Badr : I was just surprised at the outcome of the fight.
-- Were you expected that Semmy would win?
Badr : No, I did not care which would win. Semmy fought very badly in the night. It seems that he was too cautious so that he was stuck a little bit.
-- Did the outcome disappoint you?
Badr : Well, it is going to be a positive for K-1 and for the fans, because more actions will give more excitement to the FINAL. But personally, I did not care which was going to win the fight. Every fighter deserves to win, but, only one can win. This time, Peter won the fight. That is why I will be able to fight with Peter at the first match in the FINAL. I feel that it was like a fate taking the spot since I wanted to fight with Peter. I am satisfied with the result of the drawing.
-- Have you ever thought about choosing a spot next to Jerome Le Banner whom you always wanted to fight with?
Badr : To tell you the truth, Jerome came to me before choosing his spot.
-- Really?
Badr : Jerome told me "I am going to fight with Remy, is that OK?" I said, "You have to choose what you want to choose. I do not care whom you fight with and whom I fight with". Thus, Jerome went to stand next to Remy and Peter stayed there waiting for me.
-- That is a very interesting story.
Badr : I will be a champion by beating Peter at the first bout, and then Jerome. Don't you think that is the best scenario for the FINAL?


Badr Hari is targeting Peter Aerts next.

Badr Hari known as "Prince Devil" is confident of beating Peter Aerts.

Badr Hari's aggressive fight against Hong-Man Choi enlivened the venue in Seoul.

Do not miss a moment Badr Hari will start his new era!!




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universal (180 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-22 at: 03:34
WOW he is so confident.
he shows no fear.
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-24 at: 06:07
haha! Yes he is! And as much as I like Badr and wish him all the best, I thinks he is gonna need that confidence to step up to Peter! It is gonna be war in that ring!!
gesus44 (6 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-25 at: 12:02
He has got speed. If hes able to use it well, he should beat Aerts.
Eddie (5 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-25 at: 06:10
he is very young and cocky and inexperienced bonjaski he is the future of this sport but now lebanner,schilt and aerts will definitely bear him.but i still think that now he can beat remy.remy isn't the bonjaski from 2003 now he is no longer as good.good luck all of the fighters
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-27 at: 08:01
I am with eddi....I don't think Badr has the power to win over Peter aerts..yet!
However, from Remy he should be able to win, if he playes his cards right.
Should be interesting though!!
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-29 at: 08:55
always nice to hear something from this big mouth Hari, he seems to find himself on top of the world, and that's a fince attitude for a fighter to have
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