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FansOfK1.com Team Competition 2008, Update 4

Semmy is out! This is the biggest change for the competition this year. The elimination of Semmy Schilt leaves a gap in most members teams.

The elimination of Semmy Schilt in the Final 16 event has changed the conditions for the FansOfK1.com Team Competition 2008. Most members have Schilt in their teams, many with a big investment in him.

Or is the change just an illusion? If Schilt gets a reserve position in the WGP final he might very well end up with the WGP title this year also.

The top six members in the competition are still  the same as in the last update, although the order has changed. Of the top six members there's only one that hos not invested in Schilt, namely Andrei. He has instead invested 9 000$ in Badr Hari. Depending on the outcome of the first fight between Badr Hari and Peter Aerts, Andrei might very well become the FansOfK1.com Team Competition 2008 champion.

But then there's Schilt...

For some predictions on the Final 8, see: http://www.fansofk1.com/forum?Category=1&Disscussion=429

Pos. User Ranking
Andrei 28 500 $
Cdn Mongoose 27 500 $
Jeroen 27 000 $
Daniel 24 000 $
Pablo 24 000 $
Chrzan_ko 21 000 $
Ruderko 18 000 $
Dteh tawad 17 500 $
Toto 15 750 $
10  Felix 15 450 $
11  Sanada the Tiger 15 002 $
12  Righthook 15 000 $
13  Robin Olsson 14 500 $
14  Eldarbong 14 000 $
15  D-rop 13 500 $
16  Kim Eriksson 13 000 $
17  Dillitante 12 000 $
18  Bruce Lee Fan 9 000 $
18  Rene 9 000 $
20  Dean Mitchell 8 750 $
21  Galeos 8 500 $
22  Waldo 8 250 $
23  Mikey 6 250 $
24  Ihannos 6 000 $
25  Ricardo 4 000 $
26  Ticket 3 000 $
27  Kartica 4 $
28  Soksai 0 $
29  Viliam -1 000 $

Rules and applications

To see the rules for the competition or which fighters competitors have in their teams , visit the FansOfK1.com Team Competition 2008 page. (the competition is closed for new entries)


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Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-20 at: 08:07
What do you mean that Schilt is back in the race? Is he getting a wild card? Please no!!!!
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-20 at: 09:53
Thanks for the update, Dennis!

@Jeroen, I don´t think there anything decided yet, but it´s quite probable that Semmy may fight in the reserve-fight. So, if one of the fighters gets injured .... in comes Mr. Schilt.
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-20 at: 10:38
The theory that Schilt will win championship as a reserve fighter is probable but...

1. according to K-1 rules when the fighter is not able to compete his place is taken by the loser of the quarterfinal, unless he is knocked out or injured himself - only then the winner of the reserve fight #1 comes in.
2. probably there will be 2 reserve fights and Schilt might be put in the second one... which is exactly what I would do if I was a K-1 matchmaker :)
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-20 at: 01:44
Yes, what I meant was that Schilt might get a reserve fight and thereby might get the chance to fight in the tournament. If he does get a fight in the tournament I suppose the odds that he wins is pretty big.
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-21 at: 01:48
wow thought i would drop more...go badr....how about glaube and semmy in reserve fights....huh please thanks...
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-10-22 at: 01:06
why diddent I invest in Texiera, Zimmerman and Saki!! =)
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