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Interview Tyrone Spong


An interesting interview with the talented Tyrone Spong, that I found on roguemag.com. I hope you like it too 

Spong ready to drop bombs
Written by BOA   
Thursday, 25 September 2008
TyroneTyrone Spong talks Garry Turner fight

KO Events October 5th, Netherlands

He is a one man marching army, an expert of blunt force trauma, a Knock Out artist with grace and poise, lethally trained so he does not have to trouble the judges score cards, he is Tyrone Spong and ready to drop some bombs, October 5th on KO events promo in Holland.

The reputation and results Spong has achieved over the years, a relative short span of time for a young man who is argued as the best Cruiser weight in kick fighting at the moment has Gary Turner to fight, multi disciplinary martial artists-dropping a weight class.

His visit to New Zealand for KO World Series four man saw the quick and dizzying KO's of Australian Chad Walker and Greek Nikos Sokolis is next to no time. They were power packed; surgically precise hits which would make anyone drop.

Many see this fight as Spong's entry into the heavier ranks (ninety five Kg's and under for the moment) from the mid eighty Kilo's and hopefully not deter a much hyped bout with Aussie pin up star, Nathan "Carnage" Corbett. A much wanted fight by kick fans right across the world seemingly will have to wait a tad. That being said the storm seems to be brewing as we speak, the Turner fight just another build up to a colossal clash?

Spong took a few moments off from his busy schedule to catch up with roguemag.com for a brief interview.

Q. Hello Tyrone, tell us how your training has been going with preparation for the Gary Turner fight?
A. Hello: It's been good thanks. I have been working hard and my speed is the same although I have put on a bit more muscle, so that's great. I will be fighting a bit heavier than normal but it will be business as usual. For this fight with Gary it will be less than ninety five Kilo's and I have been training very well...

Q. So going up in weight is no problem for you?
A. Not at all, I am very comfortable with that and it's added more power to my game. It's always good to know you have some more power behind your shots. Like I said its fine and business as usual...

Q. What sort of a fight will we see you fight with Gary Turner?

A. I always fight how my opponents let me fight them. If it's fast hands then no problem, same with kicking or maybe big power bombs-If Gary decides to wait for me then I will fight him accordingly. It's no problem, I will see how it happens on the night but I am prepared for every possibility. We have a plan and we will do that in this fight...

Q. So it will most probably be a Knock Out?

A. You know what Boa; lots of people underestimate Gary as a fighter. He's strong and I know he's good. So with him I will fight as I always do. If there's a Knock Out that's good and a bonus but it doesn't matter. I am training for a tough fight and on the night I will do well.

Q. Will we see your trademark punches and knees come alive?
A. I actually trained with Floyd Mayweather camp in America for about a month and it was a great experience. It was fantastic, after training with them I was offered an opportunity for a boxing contract too. So my punches will be fast and my over all game is better. I guess everyone will see on the day of the fight, my training is making me sharp...

Q. Nathan, Corbett... I have to ask yet again, will this fight happen anytime soon?
A. Boa, I am ready any day... I am here and waiting and I will fight Corbett anytime. I have nothing against him but if we are to fight and decide who is best, especially if he thinks he is better than me, then let's fight. Like I said I have nothing against him but as a fighter I want to fight him. I am here and ready any day! I want to fight him and that has not changed...

Q. Will weight class be an issue?
A. No, I don't think so. I am a professional fighter so it's not a problem, we agree on it and fight. Don't you think so?

Q. Ah yes, umm... just to side track you spoke of boxing and Mayweather camp training, does this mean you will get into boxing?

A. I am happy doing what I am doing now but it's an option and maybe in the future, who knows. I enjoyed the training in America and it made me a better fighter. Who knows Boa, at the moment one thing at a time. Gary Turner fight first then worry about anything else after that...

Q. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)-ever thought of giving that a crack?

A. When I was in Miami with the Gracie's I tried it out and it was fun. Even here in Holland I do it with some of the guys in the gym but that's just playing. I enjoyed it and I learn fast, so yeah maybe in the very distant future. Like I said one thing at a time but you never know. It's a very skilled sport and for sure, I like anything and everything fighting. It's good...

Q. Have you improved much since we last saw you in New Zealand?

A. I have a great team and great coach. We are always looking to improve, always. So yes I have improved and looking forward to this fight. It's always important to improve and get better...

Q. Going back to Corbett, lot's of people around the globe want to see this fight real bad. Is it practical that it will ever happen?
A. You know I am sure he wants to fight me as well and he has said so, you interviewed him I think and last time we spoke that was the case. So when you have two guys who want to fight, especially with me-I want to fight him and ever ready, someone will make it happen! Yeah it will happen; I have fought the real good fighters and come to where I am. He has at times fought guys who are not so good. I want to fight him and I will do that anytime. Then we can see who the best is, ones and for all...

Q. Are you looking to get in to the heavier weight classes? Maybe get in to the K1 eventually?

A. Of course that is the plan- eventually, K1 has been negotiating with my manager for a long time and after the fight with Gary I will fight Zabit Samedov. So that's the plan I guess as far as future, eventually getting into the heavier weights and fight in K1. One thing at a time though...

Q. Will we see anything "special" from Mr Spong against Gary Turner?

A. There is always room for improvement and depending on how the fight goes and how he comes for the fight I guess. Gary is an awkward sort fighter; he can do some crazy things to unsettle opponents. I am aware of it but it's the nature of pro fighting. If I hit him, yeah, he will go down. He's a strong guy so you will see on the night how it goes, but if I hit him for sure, he will go down and you will probably see a Knock Out....

Q. Alexei Ignashov is fighting on the same card against Bjorn Bregy, your thoughts on Alexei?

A. Boa, with Alexei it is always a big "If" at the moment. He is one great fighter and he has done some great things in K1. His technique is fantastic and depends whether on the night he can put it together. I think it will come down to his attitude when he fights Bregy and personally I think his technique is better than Bregy's but, we will have to see how he does on the night. Hope he is motivated for this one... if so, he can be very dangerous!

Q. Any final thoughts mate, anything we missed you would like to say?

A. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support, it means a lot to me. Also to everyone in New Zealand, I love you all; it was a fantastic place to fight. To everyone who follow my fights I can't thank you enough and especially to roguemag.com every fight fan should read it, thanks for the interview!

ROGUE: Thank you! You are most welcome...

TS: Anytime!



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Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-09-25 at: 03:25
thanks for posting, it's very interesting.
Didn't know he has been training with Mayweather, I think that's wise for two main reasons: 1) a solid boxing background should be almost compulsory to any fighter, it offers the possibility to focus intensely on a most broad, varied scope of punch techniques with a real practical aim in mind; 2) if also offers a way to avoiding possible boredom about repetitive training while becoming familiar with a different environment, training partners style, etc.
About his additional weight, let's see if it serves him well; it's always a matter of detail, it could add to his power but spoil some of his agility or accuracy, let's see what he makes of it
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2008-09-25 at: 06:55
I like Spong a lot, he´s very strong and fast.
But I´m a little worried about him gaining that much weight. I mean, he gained about 20 kg in less than 2 years!! Very remarkable.
Apart from the fact that I ask myself how he did that, it must effect the way he is fighting.
But it´s like you say, Pablo: let´s see what he makes of it.
Felix (16 posts)
Posted: 2008-09-26 at: 06:15
Very interesting, thx!
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2008-09-26 at: 07:48
I´ve had big thoughts of Tyrone for some time and really look forward to see him fight in K-1 in the future. Good interview and it will be interesting to see if his cardio can supply all those new muscles as mentioned by D-rop.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2008-09-30 at: 07:10
Well found some training vids which I find interesting. Glad to see his trainer focus on functional training w/ core stability besides boxing/MT. Just like I would do if I was going to be a rising K-1 star.... *hehehe* =)

h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3apIUn9B8d8
< br/>h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtEvZrhva98
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