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K-1 Scandinavia live fight report

The first half of the report is done by Daniel, the second half is done by Dennis.


Tournament reserve fight: Frantisek Slustik vs. Daniel Nordås

Round 1

Nordås gets off to a good start as he connects with several hard punches, Slustik dosent use his guard to well and at the end of the round Nordås connects with more punches to Slustiks body and head.

Round 2

Nordås once again comes out boxing, hitting slustik hard with some nice combinations, Slustik tries to fight back with lowkicks and jabs but it seems like Nordås is both stronger, faster and better. About one minute in to the second round Nordås connets with a solid right cross and Slustik hits the canvas, slustik gets back up on his feet but only to be caught once agin with another solid straight right, this time Slustik gets a standing eight count. The fight continus for about 20 seconds but since Nordås is pounding an almost defenceless opponent the event doctor desides to throw the towell.

Winner by TKO Daniel Nordås.

European WMC Titel: Alfonso Marquez and Chris Foster

Round 1

At the start of the fight it looked like Chris was rather tense and unconcentrated, Marquez took controll of the fight and got Chris under pressure, mid way thru the first round Marquez connects with a hard one two combination that rocks Chris, Chris showes good chin as he takes the following attacks and the round ends with a clear first round win for Marquez.

Roound 2

In the second round Chris comes out as a differnt fighter, taking controll of the center of the ring and trying to push the pace. The fighters exhanges hard low kicks and jabs and Chirs makes some nice roundhouse kicks. Its a close round and Chris looks mutch better now.

Round 3

The third round starts hard with both fighters punching and kicking, as the fighters end up more and more in the clinch they by accidnet bang their heads toghter and Marquz gets a rather deep cut in his eyebrow, the doctor checks the cut and the fight goes on. Maquez seems well avare of the fact that the fight might be stopped and he attacks Chirs with severall punching combinations, but most of it only hits Chris guard.

Round 4

Once again the fighters bang their heads toghter in the clinch and the event doctor has no choice but to stop the fight.

Chris wins the fight by TKO ( Referee stoppage )

Quarterfinal: Elias Daniel vs. Joakim "yukay" Karlsson

Round 1

Elias takes controll of the fight and tries to push Jocke backwards, Jocke counters well with hard punches and lowkicks. Midway threw the first round Jocke connects with severall hard punches and Elias looks to be in trouble, but he rides out the storm.

Round 2

Jocke now takes controll of the fight putting mutch pressure on Elias with very hard punching combinations and nice low kicks, the round is very intense during the first half, but as both fighters gets tired the pace slows down a bit in the last half of the round.

Round 3

Once again Jocke comes out throwing hard punches and Elias gets caught by a brutal serie of punches and goes down HARD on the canvas. Elias gets back up but he is groggy, Jocke makes no misstakes as he keeps putting on pressure and the referee givs Elias an standing eight count. The fight continius but only to be stopped moments later when Jocke once again unleashed series of hard punches.

Winner by TKO Joakim Karlsson.

Quarterfinal: Mattias Karlsson vs. Marcus Öberg

Round 1

At the begging of the round both fighters are rather cautios kicking some lowkicks and jabbing, after about a minute the tempo increases and Öberg tries some jumping knees and throws very hard punches, Mattias counters with jabs and hard lowkicks, its a close round but Öberg seems like the stronger fighter.

Round 2

The tempo is high from the start with both fighters throwing hard kicks and punches, Öberg looks stronger in the clinch but he also seems slightly more tired then Mattias, its a close and well fought round.

Round 3

The third round continues where the second ended with both fighters giving it their all, both Marcus and Mattias tries one two combinations followd up by lowkicks, once again Öberg looks stronger in the clinch. The fight goes to the judges and after a short while the result is annonced.

Winner by  3  -  0  Marcus Öberg.

Quarterfinal: Dzhabar " Jabba " Askerov and Jordan Tai

Round 1

Jabba comes out very agressivly taking controll of the fight, putting Jordan under mutch pressure with hard punches and knees, Jordan counters with knees of his own and nice roundhouse kicks. Jordan gets caught by severall hard punces to his left eye and at the end of the round his eye looks badly hurt.

Round 2

Jabba once again puts Jordan under pressure with hard punches and soon Jordans left eye is totaly closed! The referee has no choice but to stop the fight

Winner by TKO Dzhabar " Jabba " Askerov.

Quartenfinal: Marco Pique vs. Bruce Mcfie

Round 1

Bruce takes controll of the fight with hard punches forcing Pique to move backwards, Pique counters with good long jabs, towards the end of the round Bruce looks tired and Pique now takes the controll with nice combos and hard kicks.

Round 2

The second round is intense with both fighters comming out hitting hard, Pique uses both kicks and punches while Bruce concentrates on boxing. After a short clinch Pique lands some solid right punches to bruce head, and Bruce seems shaken from the attack.

Round 3

Pique looks to have more energy now and after about a minute of the round Pique lands a hard straight left punch and then follows up with a beautiful knee from the clinch, Bruce stumbles backwards and then falls down to the canvas KO´d.

Winner Ko R3 Marco Pique.

Semifinal: Joakim Karlsson vs. Marcus Öberg

Round 1

Both fighters are really focused in the beginning of the round. They throw hard and well aimed techniques at each other. The tempo is mid pace and it's hard to see a clear winner of the round.

Round 2

In the second round Joakim increase the tempo and Marcus adapts. Both fighters have a really tight game and are hard to hit. In the middle of the round the tempo falls back to mid pace, and the fighters begin to look tired. In my opinion Marcus seem to be somewhat better, but Joakim has shaken Marcus a couple of times.

In between rounds Marcus is bleeding from the nose.

Round 3

The tempo in the fight has dropped somewhat, but every technique is delivered hard and precise. This is a very nice technical fight. In the middle of the round Marcus is beginning to take the lead, I don't think Joakim can win the fight. Joakim gets a standing count, and after a few more punches the fight is over.

Both fighters seem really happy and tired after the fight. They're obviously still good friends. The decision must be hard for the judges, as it takes some time to present it. The result is announced as a draw and one more round will separate the fighters.

Round 4

The tempo is back up and Joakim begin to take command with some hard punches in the beginning of the round. Marcus seem shaken, but gets back in the game. After a minute the tempo goes down, the fighters are tired! These are good fighters, but no matter how the fight ends, the fighter going to the final will have a lot of recovery to do. In the middle of the round Marcus seem to be getting the upper hand again.

As the round ends both fighters are super tired and Joakim ends up on the floor. Marcus Öberg is announced  as the winner.

Semifinal: Dzhabar Askerov vs. Marco Pique

Entering the ring Marco seem relaxed and self assured, Dzhabar seem focused.

Round 1

Both fighters come out focused delivering hard techniques. Marco is longer and has a better reach. In the middle of the round Dzhabar is beginning to get a bit mad for some techniques thtat Marco delivers good. Dzhabar catches Marcos front kick and sends him flying for the floor. At the end of the round Dzhabar seem to be a bit more in control of the fight.

Round 2

Both fighters have increased the tempo, delivering a  good fight. This is also an even fight between two skilled fighters exchanging hard techniques.  It's a good round, but it's hard to say so much about it.

Round 3

The third round looks much like the other rounds. Towards the middle of the round both fighters increase the tempo, knowing the need to assure a win.  A time out gives the fighters some room to breath while Dzhabar is being patched somewhere around the eye. The last minute must become explosive!

Now it's a frenzy, Dzhabar almost pushes Mrco out of the ring, he's stressed about his bleeding eye and wants to end the fight. It will be another fight hard to judge. It's draw and a fourth round will take place. Dzhabar may have a problem with his cut around the eye.

Round 4

Both fighters are tired but give all that they can. Aftera a sweep that sends both fighters to the floor the fight almost continues MMA-style. Dzhabars eye is being wiped again.  Towards the end of the round Dzhabar lands a hard spinning punch, possibly giving him the win.

Dzhabar is announced the winner, the cut above his eye might strongly affect him in the final though. But as Dzhabar says after the fight "I don't care, I'm not a girl!".

Superfight: Virgil Kalakoda vs. Ole Laursen

The South African boxer Virgil enters the ring really relaxed, singing and dancing, taking his time. Ole from Denmark seem more focused when he enters and almost looks like he's a thai, all oiled up.  It's funny to see the different types of bodies the fighters have, compared to Oles extremely ripped body Virgil amost seem to have the body of a young boy.

Round 1

Virgil look real easy on the feet, dancing and boxing. Delivering many techniques while Ole seem passive.  There's not so much energy in the fight so far. I'm not sure what Ole is up to, he's usually a much better fighter than this. Ole has a bandaged knee, maybe it's an explanation to why he's passive.

Round 2

In the second round the fight is becoming somewhat more interesting when Ole begins delivering more. Virgil doesn't hardly look affected by the fight, while Ole begins looking tired. At the end of the round Ole gets a standing count for just taking punches, Ole thinks it's bull shit though.

Round 3

This is another fight. Ole is suddenly in the fight giving Virgil a hard time. Ole seems to be boxing to much though, considering he's facing an experienced boxer. In the middle of the round it's harder to see who will win this fight.

This also becomes a draw, on to round four!

Round 4

Ole comes out hard, but suddenly backs in pain. He must be having problems with his knee. It's a rather even round, with both fighters landing punches and Ole some knees and kicks. At one point Ole goes down on one knee, due to his knee problem. Later Ole jumps away on one foot, no longer able to stand on one leg. He gets a standing count that ends the round. Virgil obviously wins the fight.

Superfight: Yodsaenklai Fairtex vs. Levin Artem

Being a WMC world title fight, the fight is introduced with both nationalities national anthem. WMC is the biggest and most acknowledged thai boxing organization in the world. Before the fight both fighters dance the traditional Kru Muay.

Round 1

There's a big height difference between the fighters, almost 20 cm. Levin begins pretty hard and lands several techniques, Yodsaenklai seem totally unaffected though.  It's impressive to see how Yodsaenklai can take hits without it showing in any way in his face. Levin is most active in the round, but Yodsaenklai still seem fully in control.

Round 2

In the second round Yodsaenklai begins more active, and suddenly Yodsaenklai KO:s Levin with a right hook. It takes a long time before Levin is unaffected.

Final: Marcus Öberg vs. Dzhabar Askerov

Swedens hope to be in the international K-1 circus 2009 stands and falls with Marcus Öberg. Dzhabar seemed really strong in the earlier fights, but the cut above his eye migh pose a problem.

Round 1

1 minute in to the fight Dzhabar is bleeding a bit, but Dzhabar has already showed that he's not to play with. Both fighters deliver a good fight and keep calm. The fight is stopped so Dzhabars cut can be taken care of. Towards the end of the round Dzhabar seem to get tired, and Marcus probably won the round.

Round 2

In the beginning of the round the Swedish crowd yells Dzhabar, somewhat surprisingly. Marcus holds a tight guard against Dzhabars punches, and lands some god knees and kicks. Marcus probably won this round too.

Round 3

Both fightes come out hard but a minute into the fight the match is stopped, Dzhabar is bleeding to much. None of the fighters seem happy about it, but Dzhabar is crying and throws Marcus off him when Marcus tries to comfort him.

Swedish Marcus Öberg (Mamas boy for you who saw the pre fight interviews) is in the K-1 Max Final 16 and the Contender Muay Thai!



Outside one of Hovets gates about one hour before the opening. 

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Inside Hovet one hour before the event 

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sanadathetiger (319 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-31 at: 10:37
too bad for Dzhabar , he wont fight in k-1 or the contender,,,.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-31 at: 10:49
Great fight-report!
Thanks for making this !
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-01 at: 01:27
Great fight report Dennis,, i just got back home from the after party, and i can promise you all an exiting article about that tomorrow..

Big congratulations to Marcus Öberg he is a true champion and he deservs this victory, he was the tuffest and best tournament fighter tonight and he should take big pride in winning this event.

Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-01 at: 01:51
Thanks for a good fight report Dennis and an awesome evening w/ all the K-1 fighters of the event and FansOfK1.com!
asfranco88 (346 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-01 at: 01:32
Sorry, but what happens with the fight of alfonso marquez and chris foster?????. I am spannish jeje
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-01 at: 02:19
Chris won the fight by RSC, Alfonso got a bad cut on his eyebrow and the fight had to be stopped.. The whole fight report for k-1 scandinavia will be completed later tonight, with all the fights and photos.
ihannos (108 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-01 at: 07:15
The tournament was the most interesting part of this night of fights and since i was hoping for marcus as a winner im wearing a big smile:) hope to see the first tornament fights soon.
asfranco88 (346 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-01 at: 08:57
Thank you, i read in another page that the cut was by head illegal action and that alfonso was winning the fight. is it true?? i have to say that it is a spanish page (hispagimnasios) and alfonso griñan (no marquez) is spanish.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-02 at: 06:49
ihannos i agree with you, the tournament was great with hard close fights and lots of action. Big congratz to Marcus and it will be great fum seeing him in both the final 16 and the contender.

Asfranco88, from my point of view of the fight between Alfonso and Chris both fighters where the reason for the head clash, when in clinch both fighters lowerd their heads and banged toghter.
asfranco88 (346 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-02 at: 08:43
Ok, thank you Daniel, i knew that the point of view of this page would be impartial....
Nakmuay (7 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-06 at: 10:40
Who do you guys think was ahead on points before the referee stopped the fight between Petchdam and Alfonso ?
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-06 at: 09:16
well i think Alfonso won the first round rather clear,, Chris looked un focused, ( or over focused ) lol, im not sure =)..
10 - 9 Alfonso.

Anyway the second round was close in my eyes, chris did a great round and was verry active but so was also Alfonso. so thats a close round 10 - 10

The third was also close, once again both fighters did a great job putting pressure on eachother but no clear winner of that round,,, 10 -10

And the fourt never got going but it also started out as a close round so we could call that round a draw as well 10 -10.

So if my math is correct, my score after "four" rounds would have been 40 - 39 Alfonso,, but still i dont like these kind of equasions, since any fight can be ended in just one second, and there was about 5 minutes remaining of the fight so i dont see any real mening of pressuming that Alfonso would have won the fight if he wouldent have got that cut.

My oppinion is that both fighters fought a great and close fight, and that Chris is a worthy winner, so congratz to him.
Nakmuay (7 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-06 at: 11:05
I would definitely give the first round to Alfonso, because Chris wanted to do so much and lost his focus. But I would probably give the other rounds to Chris, due to the fact that Alfonso was boxing more and many of his punches didn't get through the guard of Chris, and boxing score the least. In the later rounds Chris landed with some very effective knee's and kicks.. I would have to go with Chris as the winner..

Round 1 : Alfonso
Round 2: 10 - 10
Round 3: Chris
Round 4: Chris, because he came in and started to take control from in the clinch from the start.. So round 4 was for Chris before the referee stopped.

39 - 38 Chris .. This is just my opinion, I hope we get to see the fight soon on video.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-07 at: 09:03
Yeah you have a good point there Nakmuay, man i would love to see that fight again, lets hope the video turns out on youtube soon.
Nakmuay (7 posts)
Posted: 2008-06-07 at: 05:31
But maybe I'm wrong .. But I tried not to be biased because it's Chris who fought but I really think that he was ahead on points. And that's also what Stephan Fox and other said too.

Daniel: I'm the one who was helping out a bit when you interviewed Chris .. ;) It turned out great, hahaha ..
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