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DREAM.3 *RESULTS* & Play by Play *REPORT*



Sunday 11 May 2008

Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan


Fight #8 : Light Weight Grand Prix 2nd Round / 70kg
Tatsuya Kawajiri Caol Uno
Japan / Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo
VS Mitsuhiro Ishida
Japan / T-BLOOD
Mitsuhiro Ishida
  WINNER : Caol Uno (2R 1'39" Choke Sleeper)  
Fight #7 : Light Weight Grand Prix 2nd Round / 70kg
Kingdom of Norway / Frontline Academy
VS Eddie Alvarez
U.S.A. / Fight Factory
Eddie Alvarez
  WINNER : Eddie Alvarez (2R Decision 3-0)  
Fight #6 : Light Weight Grand Prix 2nd Round / 70kg
Tatsuya Kawajiri Tatsuya Kawajiri
Japan / T-BLOOD
VS Luis Buscape
Brazil / Brasilian Top Team
  WINNER : Tatsuya Kawajiri (2R Decision 3-0)  
Fight #5 : Welter Weight Championship / 76kg
Nick Diaz Nick Diaz
U.S.A. / Ceasar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
VS Katsuya Inoue
Japan / Wajutsukeisyukai RJW
Katsuya Inoue
  WINNER : Nick Diaz (1R 6'45" TKO)  
Fight #4 : Light Weight One Match / 70kg
Daisuke Nakamura Daisuke Nakamura
Japan / U-FILE CAMP.com
VS Bu Kyung Jong
Republic of Korea / Team Yoon
Bu Kyung Jung
  WINNER : Daisuke Nakamura (2R 1'05" KO)  
Fight #3 : Middle Weight Grand Prix Reserve Match / 84kg
Melvin Manhoef Melvin Manhoef
Holland / Mikes Gym
VS Dae Won Kim
Republic of Korea / Team Yoon
Dae Won Kim
  WINNER : Melvin Manhoef (1R 4'08" TKO)  
Fight #2 : Middle Weight Grand Prix 1st Round / 84kg
Jason Miller Jason "Mayhem" Miller
U.S.A. / Team Mayhem Miller
VS Katsuyori Shibata
Japan / ARMS
Mitsuhiro Ishida
  WINNER : Jason "Mayhem" Miller (1R 6'57" TKO)  
Fight #1 : Feather Weight One Match / 1R-10Min, 2R-5Min. / 67kg
Takeshi Yamazaki Takeshi Yamazaki
Japan / KIBA Martial Arts Club
  WINNER : Takeshi Yamazaki (2R Decision 3-0)  

Attendance : 21,789 people

PLAY by PLAY REPORT by Todd Yeakle (www.redsweat.com)

Takeshi Yamazaki vs Shinsuke Shoji (Featherweight Bout)

  • Round 1: Shoji comes right out and lands a nice flying knee. They clinch and Yamazaki gets the takedown into half guard. Takeshi passes to full mount and looks for the armbar but switches to the kimura. He softens up Shoji with some strikes still looking for the submission. Shoji regains full guard and Yamazaki lets to small punches go. Shoji gets to his feet and lands a nice liver shot. Takeshi gets Shoji back to the mat into half guard. Shoji lands some nice shots from his back. Shinsuke reverses and gains top control. He lands a couple of hard strikes and lands a knee to the face of Takeshi who then reverses Shoji who gave up good position. Yamazaki regains full mount and lets some strikes go but Shoji reverses once again. They are on their feet and Shinsuke lands a another nice knee to the body. Yamazaki works for the takedown and succeeds. He works to pass but they get back to their feet where Shoji lands a big knee to the body. Takeshi again mounts Shoji and sinks in the armbar. Shoji refuses to tap and amazingly escapes. Shinsuke lands a couple of shots and the round ends.
  • Round 2: Shoji jumps for a flying knee but ends up jumping over Yamazaki. Shinsuke ends up on top in half guard. Takeshi reverses ending up in half guard. Takeshi starts to work on an arm but Shoji sinks in an omaplata. After almost falling out of the ring, the ref brings them back to the center standing up. Back on the mat Shoji lands a couple of big shots on the ground. They clinch up against the ropes until the ref separates the fighters. Takeshi scores the takedown and ends up in half guard. It’s anybody’s fight right now. Yamazaki works the arm of Shinji for a submission but runs out of time.
  • Final Result: Takeshi Yamazaki wins via Unanimous Decision after 2 rounds.

Jason Miller vs Shibata Katsuyori (Middleweight GP 1st Round)

  • Round 1: After his usual antics, Miller comes out with a big leg kick. He unloads with some nice combos and then a couple of big knees to the body. He takes down Shibata and starts to drop down with some strikes. Miller passes to full mount and throws up a peace sign to the camera before starting to unload with right hands. He continues to wail away with punches and then goes for the armbar. He starts to shift his body but can’t get the right position for the submission. After a few more punches he locks it up but Shibata escapes. Jason works back to full mount and starts to reign down with big right hands. he traps Shibata’s arm and throws a big knee to the head. He lands another nice knee and then unloads again with constant left hands to the face of Shibata who can do nothing because his arm is trapped. Miller lands more knees and punches to the face of Shibata who tries to escape but can do nothing. He finally gets his arm back but Shibata’s face is starting to look like hamburger. Jason goes right back to full mount and unloads with another flurry of rights. The ref is forced to save Shibata from further abuse.
  • Round 2:
  • Final Result: Jason Miller wins via TKO (Punches) in the 1st round.

Melvin Manhoef vs Kim Dae Won (Middleweight GP 1st Round Reserve)

  • Round 1: After a short feeling out process Kim is first to strike. He immediately goes for the takedown but Melvin comes back with a knee. After a scramble on the mat they are back to their feet where they clinch. They pause to fix a glove. Manhoef throws a right that is countered with a big right from Kim. They both start to bang it out and Kim holds his own in the exchange stunning Manhoef. Kim ends up in half guard on the ground. Manhoef tries to escape but gives up side control. Melvin reverses and ends up on top. He passes to side control and lands a devastating knee to the head of Kim that causes Kim to turtle up. He follows with another knee and big punches to the head to seal the deal. The ref steps in to save Won and the fight is over.
  • Round 2:
  • Final Result: Melvin Manhoef wins via TKO (Knees and punches) in the 1st round.

Daisuke Nakamura vs Jung Bu Kyung (Lightweight Bout)

  • Round 1: Nakamura gets things going with a leg kick. They both trade small punches. Nakamura lands another kick but Kyung quickly takes the back of Nakamura and sinks in an armbar that is close. Nakamura escapes and looks for a leg lock momentarily. Kyung throws a couple of upkicks. They scramble and Nakamura ends up in Kyung’s full guard. Nakamura drops back for a leg lock but can’t get it and they are back to their feet. Nakamura lands a nice straight left hand. Kyung comes back with a nice punch of his own but gets stunned by a Nakamura right hand. He passes to half guard and works some elbows to the body of Kyung. He sinks in a reverse figure four arm lock and switches to a straight arm bar. Kyung escapes and Nakamura drops back for another leg lock. They scramble and Nakamura goes for a kimura but they separate. Nakamura tries to pull guard but Kyung denies. Nakamura ends up back on top in full guard. He starts to work the body again with some short shots. Nakamura drops down with a good right. He remains in full guard peppering Kyung with small shots and still looking for the submission. Daisuke works some right hands to the body. Back to their feet they start to trade. Nakamura connects with some snappy left jabs. They clinch and Kyung gets the takedown. Nakamura goes for a heel hook and then a toe hold. Daisuke passes and goes for another leg lock but he can’t finish and the round ends. Round 1 was a complete submission fest.
  • Round 2: Nakamura lands a good low kick. Kyung tries to slam but Nakamura sinks in a tight kimura. Kyung escapes and they are back to their feet. Nakamura connects with a big right to the chin of Kyung that sends him to the mat instantly. He finishes with a few more right hands and the ref steps to stop the fight.
  • Final Result: Daisuke Nakamura wins via KO (Punch) in the 2nd round.

Katsuya Inoue vs Nick Diaz (Welterweight Championship Eliminator Bout)

  • Round 1: Diaz comes out aggressive with a nice head kick. He follows with some good punch combinations and they clinch up against the ropes. They separate and start to bang. Diaz is relentless with combinations but Inoue is coming right back. Inoue is already bleeding. They continue to bang it out with strikes until finally clinching. Inoue lands a big left but Diaz comes right back stalking Inoue. Diaz lands a group of uppercuts followed by more combos and a hard body shot. Inoue’s face is really messed up now. Nick takes him to the mat and starts to unload with ground and pound. Back to their feet Diaz goes to the body and the ref steps in to stop the fight so they can work on Inoue’s nose. Diaz comes right out with combinations and the clinch. Nick trips and throws a nice kick to Inoue who is in an awkward position. They stop the fight because of the kick which might have been illegal. They continue to bang it out back and forth with nice shots. Nick is relentless with his punches. He goes to the body. Inoue comes back with a nice shot of his own. Up against the ropes Diaz unloads with a barrage of punches and Inoue is now dazed and confused stumbling around. Diaz taunts him and stalks him down with more punch combinations. He continues to flurry and Inoue’s corner is forced to throw in the towel.
  • Round 2:
  • Final Result: Nick Diaz wins via TKO (Punches) at 6:45 in the 1st round.

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Luis Buscape (Lightweight GP Quarter Final Bout)

  • Round 1: Buscape swings first but misses. He comes in with a good combination that lands. Luis shoots in but Kawajiri sprawls and they clinch. Buscape slips on a kick and Kawajiri takes advantage ending up on top. Luis reverses and works on the single leg. They both trade a couple of short punches. Kawajiri lands a good knee to the body. Buscape works hard for the takedown and now has the back of Tatsuya. Buscape goes for an inverted heel hook but Kawajiri escapes and ends up on top. Tatsuya starts to work some ground and pound as the crowd cheers him on with each punch. Kawajiri starts to land some good hard shots but Luis gets back to his feet and they clinch. The ref separates the fighters who trade and Buscape gets caught with a big right left combo that sends him to the mat. He follows with a couple of knees to the head and ends up in Buscape’s full guard. Kawajiri starts to unload with some big shots on the ground. Luis misses with a triangle choke and Tatsuya continues to pound away. Buscape escapes and works for the takedown. Luis finally scoops Kawajiri down to the mat but Kawajiri won’t stay put. Back to their feet, the fighters clinch. Luis works for the takedown until the round ends.
  • Round 2: Luis charges in with a good combo but gets reversed on the takedown. Kawajiri in half guard, starts to unload with some good hard punches. He lands a couple of nice knees to the head of Buscape. Kawajiri continues the ground and pound assault but Buscape gets back to his feet. Kawajiri executes a nice trip takedown into half guard. He starts to land more hard punches and hammer fists. Back to their feet Buscape is now showing the wear from all of the shots he took on the ground. Luis shoots but misses and falls back to his back. Kawajiri tries to mount but loses position and Luis takes his back sinking in the hooks. Buscape starts to work on a rear naked choke but Tatsuya defends well. Kawajiri rolls into Buscape’s guard and the round is over. It looks like Kawajiri will advance.
  • Final Result: Tatsuya Kawajiri wins via Unanimous Decision after 3 rounds.

Joachim Hansen vs Eddie Alvarez (Lightweight GP Quarter Final Bout)

  • Round 1: Alvarez lands first with a leg kick. Both blast away with combo’s and Hansen gets dropped by a big right hand. Eddie jumps on Hansen who recovers quickly. Hansen starts to work the rubber guard while Eddie tries to get some offense going. Alvarez unloads with hammer fists and Hansen goes right for an armbar. Alvarez escapes and they are back to their feet. Eddie lands a nice right hand. He lands another vicious combo causing Hansen to shoot. Hansen ends up on his back. They are back to their feet. Eddie lands a huge body shot and they start to bang it out. Joachim lands a nice left hand. He follows with a good body kick. They trade combos and Alvarez catches Hansen, picks him up and slams him to the canvas. They are back on their feet. Alvarez lands another giant right hand that drops Hansen to the mat. Joachim comes right back with punches of his own. After another exchange, Eddie takes Hansen to the canvas into full guard. Alvarez is now bleeding from his nose. Eddie comes right out with a good combo. Hansen comes in and they clinch. They trade big body shots and Eddie gets the takedown. Alvarez starts to work some ground and pound. Back to their feet, Eddie lands a good body shot. Both trade landing big combos and Alvarez takes him back to the mat. Joachim is landing small shots from the bottom while Eddie starts to work some small shots of his own. Hansen lands a brutal upkick but comes right back down with punches. Back to their feet they start to trade combos again. They clinch in the corner. They come right back out to the center and start to slug away both landing shots. The first round was a complete all out slug fest.
  • Round 2: Eddie goes for the takedown but Hansen defends well. Joachim works for a guillotine but is unsuccessful. Eddie stands up out of trouble and then gets pushed off by Hansen who ends up in full mount. He unleashes with some punches but loses the mount. Hansen works for an armbar but Alvarez escapes and comes down with punches. Alvarez comes in with some brutal shots to the body but Hansen counters nicely. They exchange and Eddie gets the back of Hansen standing. Back to the mat, Hansen works for a kimura that he uses to reverse Alvarez. He switches right into an armbar that almost ends it but Alvarez escapes and they are back to their feet. After a quick exchange they clinch and Alvarez works for a takedown. Eddie lands a big head kick followed by two hard right hands but it doesn’t phase Hansen who comes back with a combo of his own and the round is over. That was an amazing back and forth match and definitely fight of the night so far.
  • Final Result: Eddie Alvarez wins via Unanimous Decision after 2 rounds.

Caol Uno vs Mitsuhiro Ishida (Lightweight GP Quarter Final Bout)

  • Round 1: After some feeling out, Ishida lands a good low kick. Uno returns the favor. After another exchange, Uno takes a shot in the family jewels and time out is called. The fight resumes and they trade leg kicks. Uno catches Ishida with a nice right. Ishida shoots Caol with amazing balance defends the takedown. He unloads in the corner and Ishida is already bleeding from the nose. Ishida works for the takedown and they are back to clinch. Ishida is pouring blood from his nose and timeout is called for the doctors to check it. The fight resumes and they immediately trade combos. Ishida shoots again but is denied. Uno lands a couple of uppercuts inside. They trade inside knees and kicks. They call time again for Ishida’s bloody nose. They start to bang with big combos. Uno charges in with a nice combo. Caol once again defends Ishida’s takedown and they clinch. Ishida unloads with a flurry of strikes with his back in the corner. They trade and Uno lands a couple of nice right hands. Ishida finally gets Uno to his back where he wants him. He passes to half guard. Uno sinks in a kimura but Ishida uses it to go for an armbar and they are back to their feet. Ishida gets Caol back to the mat in half guard. Ishida works to pass and finally gains side control. Ishida mounts and takes the back of Uno. He goes for a choke but Uno denies. Uno reverses and the round ends.
  • Round 2: They trade low kicks to start things out. Uno kicks and Ishida catches it and takes him down. He takes Caol’s back but Uno reverses and gains full mount momentarily. He takes Ishida’s back, sinks in the hooks and sinks in the rear naked choke. Ishida is forced to tap and the fight is over.
  • Final Result: Caol Uno wins via Rear Naked Choke at 1:39 in the 2nd round.


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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-11 at: 02:59
Thanks for posting Chrzan_ko.

Such a complete report ... we won´t need the videos anymore ... LOL
Dchan (329 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-11 at: 06:34
Uno beat Ishida? OMG... wow, cool. And I can't believe Hansen lost.. what a bum. C'mon..

Thanks a lot Chrzan ko
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-12 at: 01:31
great reading, thanks
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