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Andy Souwer interview, April 5th, 2008

Do you already know about this interview? I think it's rather interesting.

From: http://www.roguemag.com/



On the back of what most consider one of the most intriguing duals since Napoleon and Wellington, Andy Souwer gave roguemag.com an exclusive into his thoughts about the epic battle with Yodseanklai Fairtex.

Therefore as always ROGUE tell both sides of the story, and it is finally here: the long awaited Andy Souwer post fight interview, taking a short break from his busy preparations for the K-1 Max final eliminations on April 9th.

SLAMM 4 which was held in Almere, Holland was the waterloo for Yod Fairtex, the decision drew a fair amount of criticism especially with the Thai supporters. That is understandable, given the style Yod brings to the game and not having enough K-1 style experience against probably the most experienced K-1 (max) champions in Souwer. The catch phrase is "not enough" experience in K-1 rules, even though by his own admission the rules didn't effect him.

The key issues surrounding the decision were the split between K-1 rules and Thai rules, thus bringing into play thoughts of a home-town decision. That however is subjective depending on which perspective you take. Usually when a fight of this calibre goes to the cards, the judges are almost certain to cop some flack regardless of the outcome. That is a universal fact, which highlights certain shortcomings in the professional era of a sport which has to have the most professional of standards.

Andy was very confident in his game plan and from the post fight reaction it seems the better executor of a strategic counter attack and winning. Be it in Holland, Japan or Norway: under the style of Rules it was most likely that Souwer would have been sweet.

In any event the reining K-1 Max champion is more than happy to re-match Yod under Full Thai rules, and given the prospects and interest this would generate, a sequel to when Ramon Dekkers fought Thai legend Coban (trilogy) in the early nineties is a real possibility. Souwer is not quite Dekkers in style and Yod is no Corban, but both are every bit the champions they are.  
Just like Wellington found success at Waterloo it remains to be seen whether he could do the same in Thailand or a neutral venue. We feel given his courage and willingness to step up, that wouldn't be surprising one bit for a man who wants to walk, talk and fight like a champion!

Q. How do you feel about the fight with Yod? It was a very close and tough fight?
I prepared well and I and my team had the appointment that I would start quickly. Yod did it very smart and every time I wanted to step in he kicked me on the underarm.

The first round was for Yod, he made much more kicks and I did not answer accurately with my low-kicks. In the second and third round I made a lot of points with my low-kicks and I already had the feeling I would win the 2nd and 3rd round, but apparently the second round was a draw and we had to fight an extra round. After watching it again, I think it was a fair enough decision to fight an extra round. In the extra round I won it fair and square, but it was a though match.
Q. Were you surprised at the decision- that it had to go to extra round?
When I was in the ring, I was surprised, because I thought I had done enough in the second and third round to win it. But again after I saw it back on television, it was a fair decision. In my opinion the fight was very close.
Q. What was your game plan? How did you nullify Yod's powerful kicking game?
Every time Yod kicked I would counter with a low kick. In the first round I was not focused enough and his strategy worked, as you can see in the second round his kicks were not as powerful anymore and in the third round he did not kick a lot any more.
Q. How hard does this guy kick? How do you rate him with guys in the K-1 Max?
Yod proved himself to be a very good fighter. I can not rate him with the other guys, because every fight is another and different. I really do not know. If he could adjust to the k1 max game, maybe in future he can compete with the best. As I said, I really do not know.
Q. Lots of discussion and debate on this fight on the internet (LOL), there are suggestions that should be a re-match, what are your thoughts?
I fight every-one, everywhere, on every rule, because that is part of the game. When I quit fighting I do not want to hear; "Souwer says he is the champ, but he always ducked this fighter and that fighter". If I am a champ, I want to be a real champ. Although there are a lot of people who can not see this as a game and they do not grant me my success, I still enjoy fighting every one.
Q. Will you fight him under Full Thai Rules? (Most Thai People are asking this question?
He wanted to fight me on my rules; of course I want to fight him on his rules. Do you know the song: "?" walk like a champion, talk like a champion, fight like a champion?"
Q. How is your prep for next K-1 Max showdown in Japan, you are fighting...?
A: I have a very tough opponent in Mike Zambidis, I am training very hard. Fortunately I have no injuries from my fight against Yodsankalai. I have a different preparation for this fight then for my fight with Yodsankalai. This will be a very difficult fight, but Mike Zambidis will face a very motivated Andy Souwer.
Q. Any final thoughts for your fans world-wide?
To all the people who supported me, I want to thank you very much for you're support and friendship. I will always do my best to win and give you a good fight. Thanks to God, my family, my friends and my fans, I can be what I am today. Also I would like to thank you and ROGUE, I enjoy reading www.roguemag.com - Thank you.


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Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-08 at: 06:38
Tanx Pablo...nice interview!
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-08 at: 02:24
glad u liked it, jeroen, I also found it quite interesting myself
Dean Mitchell (44 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-13 at: 03:17
nice interview
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