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Spong and Corbett love affair: Valentines Day special

Written by BOA   
Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tyrone Spong talks Nathan "Carnage" Corbett plus Ignashov-GT rematch Exclusive!!!


Spong in Corbetts mind....Happy Valentines Day everybody! May you all find love and joy on the St Valentine hooked up, speaking of which Tyrone Spong who decimated the Cruiserweight ranks at the KO WS spoke of his love for Nathan Corbett, his love to fight him and defeat him! The Dutchman who came to New Zealand "looking for" Carnage was disappointed not to find him...


In a division where fighters have to either step up or fight way outside their zone, it was a breath of fresh air and a seductive form of power/speed master class, as Spong went through the rest of the field with relative ease. "This is what I do, and I want to fight this man Corbett, I came looking for him- but he is not here, maybe next time I will find him!" The warning shots were well and truly fired and we learn of rumours that a possible five round, full Thai rules tango may be in the offing!

Spong who fights out of the Carbin Fight Factory, according the Dutch Kick Boxing "Professor" and ROGUE Holland correspondent Dirk - Hammer Kick- Stal is arguably one of the best talents to come out in the stand up world. "He is so talented and hungry; he will be one of the best with most of his good years still to come!"

The young prodigy who absolutely steam rolled Thai K-1 Knock Out artist Kaoklai Kaennorsing of Thailand with his trademark punching, generates quite a bit of Horse power for a man his size. Chad Walker his semi final opponent, who has one of the best jaws around the ring, was out flat deck, feeling the fists of stone. It was fierce KO as the ring doctor was summoned in a hurry.

Corbett is very capable with elbow work and loves to show what he can do, dismantling fighters at will. Having said that, in Oceania due to logistical and other reasons don't really get tested against top notch opponents. Bar a few fighters, the rest usually end up getting medium to bottom end of the top rated fighters from either Thailand or other close neighbours. The usual result is politically correct pre fight hype followed by a KO win in some form or shape. That's all good if you want to be content to what you can comfortably do at home. If you truly want to be a world beater you have to walk the hard roads, not too many people want to walk.

When ROGUE contacted Mr Corbett, he very cordially chatted to us and had a few stern words of his own. "Yeah I will fight this guy any day- he's the sort of guy I need. I haven't had a challenging fight for a while and it will be a great feeling to rip him apart. I heard he had challenged me, so that's good, will fight him anytime any day mate!" When quizzed on where and how... "The plan by Dixon (McIver) was to have me fight him on one of his cards, but I have a fair few fights lined up so that won't happen. I want to fight this guy full Thai rules and KO him, so he will know what it is to meet carnage!- I don't like the K-1 style rules, never have mate- It's full Thai rules"

Is Holland a possible venue we asked Carnage, and he had this to say "It would be best in Aussie, because we never get to see many good fighters at this weight and level- so when I finish him off in Oz, I'd love to hear the crowds reaction" It's good that Spong has acquainted himself of Carnage, because if he runs over him he will remember the registration plates reading "CARNAGE" for a very long time.

So there you have it folks, since the challenge has been laid- Carnage is "100% ready to finish him off" and hopefully we see this fight, this side of the world before the years end. Fight purses will be a question and both men must be realistic at what will be offered as coffers. This one ladies and gentleman could be a classic in the making, and to see a stare down at the weigh in would be like watching a gun fight from "For a few dollars more!"

Of course at the highest level (or regionally highest level) the fight purses for cruiserweights haven't been the greatest, but this could set a new bar and standard. If that is a hypothesis and a promoter who can put the whole thing together, there will be a huge market for pugilism of that seductive nature, which we spoke about. So if someone has a spare few dollars, feel free to add Spong V Corbett as a main event. Ideally in a place like Norway, where judging is completely neutral and a "third force" won't play a part in the outcome- also if the bonuses are in place the score cards won't be needed! Most likely we won't need to trouble the judges; a monstrous Knock Out is tapping at the door.

Ignashov- Gregory Tony Re-match on the cards.... (THE EXCLUSIVE- Yet again!!!)

The gentleman "GT" who upstaged everyone, and especially fellow ex-team mate Alexei Ignashov to claim the KO WS King of the Ring title in Auckland, will indeed be set for a re-match with the Red-scorpion. ROGUE was witness to the key negotiations which happened at Sky City Casino, on the eve of the Frenchman's departure.

There is however one condition, which is Ignashov who is scheduled to meet Tomas Horan of team Gladiators for the WMTA title at the KO Macau leg, wrests the title off Horan- GT is happy fight Iggy under full Thai rules, for the title!

Both managers Serge Sonkin and Didier Le Borgne came to a mutual agreement, and were delighted to announce their intentions exclusively to ROGUE.

"It will be a great fight and a wonderful series within as series between two great friends and rivals!, even though we don't fight much full Thai rules, it's ok- we always want hard fights to challenge us!" said Didier Le Borgne. Sonkin who was firmly focuses on getting Iggy back on track, had this to say "He is going to come back bigger than ever, and we will square the fights one a piece and what better way than to have a title on the line!"

The rematch will no doubt draw a massive world-wide audience as Ignashov's comeback trail has been full of dramatic episodes and political bickering between the K-1 and KO WS. The last time we saw anything close to this was when Dynasty played on US prime time, but that was a very long time ago. As team Red-Scorpion has settled down to a pattern which is conducive to the star Kick boxer, GT who looks a Heavyweight version of Soccer star Thierry Henry, on the other hand has raised a couple of notches in his profile. The sparring partner of K-1 Star Cyril Abidi, he will now be a much sought after commodity. Given that he is a very capable pro boxer who wins fans where ever he travels, fighting New Zealand champion Shane Cameron would be a great stroke of political advocacy, and pugilistic prosperity for the ties between both countries. The Frenchman never fails to bring the romance and "sexy-back" of professional fighting (don't let it fool you!), and Cameron his iron will-- which is second to none. Consider Cameron V Tony, a scrumptious appetiser before the Ignashov re-match in Kick Boxing.

On that note we wish the millions of romantic couples the greatest Valentines Day ever, and just before you kiss your loved one- spare a thought for the discerning fight fans who crave for the Spong-Corbett love affair to end in one brutally "loveable" Knock Out!


To even the ledger, Iggy and GT

Gentlemans agreement:Didier,Sonkin and Harry Gorian's



info from rougemag


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Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2008-02-21 at: 09:03
Really enjoyed reading this! Good article.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-02-22 at: 07:55
Yeah its a good one.. I would realy love the see TS and NC fight,, in K-1 rules i say TS will win, but if they fight in full muay thai rules, id say Nathan.
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-03-25 at: 10:26
I don't know....Spong is realy a good fighter also...he is good with the elbows as well.
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