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Would you want thousands of martial arts fans and practitioners to be exposed to your brand and products?

FansOfK1.com provides an opportunity for your company to not only become a banner advertiser, but also a contributor to your target group's favourite site.

Advertise on FansOfK1 to obtain and keep dedicated customers. We give you:

  • An opportunity to showcase your products
  • The option to sponsor one of your target group's favourite web sites
  • A model to build and strengthen your relationship with your key market segment


    Site sponsor (only 1 position)

    The king of advertising on FansOfK1.com, when you really want to make an impression on the K-1 fans. Includes:

    • Your company name in the FansOfK1 top banner
    • Free adding of products to the Creds shop
    • Banner in the "FansOfK1 is sponsored by" column
    • Presence in newsletters (1-2 e-mails per month)

    Creds shop + banner

    We offer you to place your products in our Creds shop, where they will be showcased for your target group. When you place products in the shop we will additionally designate you as a site sponsor and place your banner in our "FansOfK1 is sponsored by" column for 30 days.

    Currently we have an introduction offer for 499$ for adding products to the Cred shop. (original price for adding products to the Cred shop is 999$)

    Strengthen the relationship with your target market by contributing to their favourite site and showcasing your products.


    For companies that don't have a product to showcase in the Creds shop we offer regular banner advertising. Banners are placed in the Advertisements section. We offer banners with the following characteristics:












    Newletters are e-mailed to all members 1-2 times per month. Ads can be either in text or a banner with width 480 px and max 480 px height.


    (unique visitors)
    Site sponsor 85 000+ 2 390 US$ Price and reach is for 6 months. Only 1 position.
    Creds shop 16 000+ 290US$ Products stays in shop until traded by user, banner stays 30 days.
    Banner (160*160) 16 000+ 190US$ Banner stays 30 days.
    Banner (160*90) 16 000+ 90US$ Banner stays 30 days.
    Newsletter 600+ 90US$ Text or banner ad in 4 newletters.


    About FansOfK1.com

    FansOfK1.com is a community with a target group that are active in sports. Most of the users practice Martial arts. Approximately 80% of the users are:

    • Men 
    • Age between 20-35
    • Live in Europe / North America


    • Unique visitors/month: 16 000+
    • Page views/month: 100 000+

    The map below shows where the visitors on fansofk1.com are from.




    Contact  for more information.


    Kickbox TV
    Strikezone Dortmund

    The best K-1 community online!

    The focus is on building a community that offers more to the users than any other K-1 website. The focus is also on that the community should be totally user driven, with the users as main writers of content. Who would for example write a better fight report than a fan who actually was at the fight? Or who could write a more interesting fighter profile than the fan who loves and really knows about a fighter? We believe that this approach will lead to that fansofk1.com has the most interesting K-1 information.

    Advertise on FansOfK1.com

    Would you want thousands of martial arts fans and practitioners to be exposed to your brand and products?
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